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ح س د
General Root Meaning
To envy, grudge, to dislike that a person possesses a thing (and wish that it would depart from him and transfer to himself), to wish that a person be deprived of a thing.
   taḥsudūnanā   (1)

Will say those who remained behind when you set forth towards (the) spoils of war to take it, "Allow us (to) follow you." They wish to change (the) Words (of) Allah. Say, "Never will you follow us. Thus said Allah from before." Then they will say, "Nay, you envy us." Nay, they were not understanding except a little.

   ḥāsidin   (1)

And from (the) evil (of) an envier when he envies."

   ḥasada   (1)

And from (the) evil (of) an envier when he envies."

   ḥasadan   (1)

Wish[ed] many from (the) People (of) the Book if they could turn you back from after your (having) faith (to) disbelievers, (out of) jealousy from (of) themselves, (even) from after [what] became clear to them, the truth. So forgive and overlook until brings Allah His Command. Indeed, Allah on every thing (is) All-Powerful.

   yaḥsudūna   (1)

Or are they jealous (of) the people for what gave them Allah from His Bounty? But surely We gave (the) family (of) Ibrahim the Book and [the] wisdom and [We] gave them a kingdom great.

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