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ح ب ط
General Root Meaning
To go in vain, be fruitless, perish, be of no avail, be useless, come to naught, become ineffective. To eat much, to be swollen or have pain in the belly from much eating or eating that which is unwholesome, to have one's work or deed null or void, of no account, to do or go for nothing, turn away from, avoid/shun.
   taḥbaṭa   (1)

O you who believe! (Do) not raise your voices above (the) voice (of) the Prophet, and (do) not be loud to him in speech like (the) loudness (of) some of you to others, lest become worthless your deeds while you (do) not perceive.

   ḥabiṭa   (1)

This day are made lawful for you the good things; and (the) food (of) those who were given the Book (is) lawful for you, and your food (is) lawful for them. And the chaste women from the believers and the chaste women from those who were given the Book from before you, when you have given them their bridal due, being chaste not being lewd and not ones (who are) taking secret lovers. And whoever denies the faith - then surely (are) wasted his deeds and he, in the Hereafter, (will be) among the losers.

   ḥabiṭat   (2)

They ask you about the month [the] sacred - (concerning) fighting in it. Say, "Fighting therein (is) a great (sin); but hindering (people) from (the) way (of) Allah, and disbelief in Him and (preventing access to) Al- Al-Haraam, and driving out its people from it, (is) greater (sin) near Allah. And [the] oppression (is) greater than [the] killing." And not they will cease (to) fight with you until they turn you away from your religion, if they are able. And whoever turns away among you from his religion, then dies while he (is) a disbeliever for those became worthless their deeds in the world and the Hereafter. And those (are) companions (of) the Fire, they in it (will) abide forever.

Those (are) the ones who - became worthless their deeds in the world and (in) the Hereafter. And not (will be) for them any helpers.

And will say those who believe, "Are these those who swore by Allah strongest, (of) their oaths, indeed, they (were) with you?" Became worthless their deeds, and they became (the) losers.

And those who denied Our Signs and (the) meeting (of) the Hereafter - worthless (are) their deeds. Will they be recompensed except (for) what they used to do?

not (It) is for the polytheists that they maintain (the) masajid (of) Allah (while) witnessing against themselves [with] disbelief. (For) those, worthless (are) their deeds, and in the Fire they (will) abide forever.

Like those from before you they were mightier than you (in) strength, and more abundant (in) wealth and children. So they enjoyed their portion, and you have enjoyed your portion like enjoyed those from before you their portion, and you indulge like the one who indulges (in idle talk). Those, worthless, (are) their deeds in the world and (in) the Hereafter. And those, they (are) the losers.

   fa-aḥbaṭa   (3)

That (is) because they hate what Allah has revealed Allah, so He has made worthless their deeds.

That (is) because they followed what angered Allah and hated His pleasure, so He made worthless their deeds.

Miserly towards you. But when comes the fear, you see them looking at you, revolving their eyes like one who faints (on him) from [the] death. But when departs the fear, they smite you with tongues sharp miserly towards the good. Those - not they have believed, so made worthless Allah their deeds. And is that for Allah easy.

   faḥabiṭat   (1)

Those (are) the ones who disbelieve in the Verses (of) their Lord, and the meeting (with) Him. So (are) vain their deeds, so not We will assign for them (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection any weight.

   laḥabiṭa   (1)

That (is the) Guidance (of) Allah, He guides with it whom He wills of His slaves. But if they (had) associated partners surely (would be) worthless for them what they used to do.

   layaḥbaṭanna   (1)

And verily, it has been revealed to you and to those who (were) from before you, if you associate (with Allah) surely, will become worthless your deeds and you will surely be among the losers.

   waḥabiṭa   (1)

Those (are) the ones who - (is) not for them in the Hereafter except the Fire. And (has) gone in vain what they did therein, and (is) worthless what they used (to) do.

   wasayuḥ'biṭu   (1)

Indeed, those who disbelieve and turn away from (the) way (of) Allah and oppose the Messenger from after [what] (has been) made clear to them the guidance, never will they harm Allah (in) anything, and He will make worthless their deeds.

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