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ح ب س
General Root Meaning
To detain, restrain, hinder, shut up, confine, prevent, hold in custody. To restrict/imprison, to arrest or restrain or withhold or impede, keep close/keep within certain bounds or limits.
   taḥbisūnahumā   (1)

O you who believe! (Take) testimony among you when approaches one of you [the] death, (at the) time (of making) [the] a will two men, just, among you, or two others from other than you if you (are) travel(ing) in the earth then befalls you calamity (of) [the] death. Detain both of them from after the prayer and let them both swear by Allah if you doubt, "Not we will exchange it for a price even if he is (of) a near relative, and not we will conceal testimony (of) Allah. Indeed, we then (will) surely (be) of the sinners."

   yaḥbisuhu   (1)

And if We delay from them the punishment for a time determined, they will surely say, "What detains it?" No doubt! (On) the Day it comes to them not (will be) averted from them and will surround them what they used (to) at [it] mock.

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