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ف ج ج
General Root Meaning
wide apart, part something widely, open it widely, the making an interval/opening between two things, a wide road between two mountains, depressed road, wide and conspicuous road, opening/intervening space, disorderly/much talking/babbling, valley, wide valley, cleft ground, ravine. 
   fijājan   (2)

And We (have) placed in the earth firmly set mountains, lest it (should) shake with them, and We made therein broad passes (as) ways, so that they may (be) guided.

That you may go along therein (in) paths wide."

   fajjin   (1)

And proclaim to [the] mankind [of] the Pilgrimage; they will come to you (on) foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every mountain highway distant.

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