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ب ل غ
General Root Meaning
Reaching, attaining, arriving, coming to the utmost point to which one directs one's course or one who seeks, pursues, desires, intends or tries to reach. Or the reaching, attaining or coming to a point.
An event/time that is premeditated, intended, determined or appointed
Having an effect
Bringing, conveying or delivering communications, announcements, news or tidings
Exceeding usual, proper, ordinary just bounds/degrees, acting egregiously, immoderately or extravagantly
Striving, laboring, exerting power/efforts
Endeavors or ability
Employing oneself vigorously, strenuously, laboriously, earnestly with energy and effectiveness, taking pains or extraordinary pains, not flagging, to the utmost degree
Accomplishing, attaining to the utmost of one's power/ability or efforts/endeavors (e.g. in any affair)
Sufficiency (e.g. means of subsistence), a thing that suffices, contents, enables one to attain what is sought, enough
A slanderer, one who conveys gossip or other peoples discourse to others
Calamity, misfortune, disaster, distress or affliction
Sharp, penetrating, eloquent and/or effective in speech
Firm covenants, in the utmost degree
Attaining or having attained puberty, virility, ripeness or maturity. Applied to either sexes
Good, excellent thing
Praise, eulogy or commendation
Place and/or time someone or something reaches, arrives, attains or comes to
The sum/amount/product resulting from subtraction, addition or multiplication
A sum of money