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ب ل د
General Root Meaning
A country, land, region, province, district, territory, city, town, village or any portion of earth or land within certain limits
Tract of land without vegetation, pasture
Waterless desert, desolate place
Earth or ground.
Remaining, staying, abiding, dwelling in the country/place/land/town/city/village etc
Keeping to something, having something remain (e.g. like marks on the skin)
Becoming stupid, dull, wanting in intelligence/vigor, inert, soft, weak, feeble, not effective in performance, lagging behind, becoming languid, lazy, impotent in work
Cast, or lay down on the ground maybe due to fatigue or weakness
Regions appearing short in extent due to darkness, or low visibility
Keeping, falling to the ground in submissiveness, keeping in place, being submissive and humble
Obtaining, exercising dominion over land belonging to others