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ب ك ر
General Root Meaning
Beginning of the day, first part of the day, early morning, between daybreak and sunrise
Possessing the quality of applying oneself early, or in hastening
Performing something at the commencement of it, or doing something early
Before it's time, preceding or took precedence
Youthful male camel, young one of a camel
A virgin male or female, or anything untouched, new, fresh
Virginity or maidenhead
A woman or female animal having delivered only once
First flush of anything (plant, tree, fruit, honey, rain, flowers)
First born or young children
First of anything, unique action
A want or need seeking to be fulfilled
A cutting blow or stroke that kills at once
A pulley (e.g. of a well)
Small ring or bead
An assembly, company, congregated body
All coming together without exception