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ب ك م
General Root Meaning
dumb (either by natural conformation or from an inability to find words to express himself), no understanding to reply, no ability to frame speech well though possessing the faculty of speech, refrain/cease speaking intentionally or from ignorance, impeded speech, unable to speak freely.
   abkamu   (1)

And sets forth Allah an example (of) two men, one of them (is) dumb, not he has power on anything, while he (is) a burden on his master. Wherever he directs him not he comes with any good. Is equal he and (the one) who commands [of] justice, and he (is) on a path straight?

   l-buk'mu   (1)

Indeed, worst (of) the living creatures near Allah (are) the deaf, the dumb - those who (do) not use (their) intellect.

   buk'mun   (1)

Deaf, dumb, blind, so they not [they] will not return.

And (the) example (of) those who disbelieve[d] (is) like (the) example (of) the one who shouts at what not (does) hear except calls and cries - deaf dumb, (and) blind, [so] they (do) not understand.

   wabuk'mun   (1)

And those who rejected Our Verses (are) deaf and dumb in the darkness[es]. Whoever wills Allah - He lets him go astray and whoever He wills - He places him on (the) way straight.

   wabuk'man   (1)

And whoever guides Allah then he (is) the guided one; and whoever He lets go astray - then never you will find for them protectors from besides Him. And We will gather them (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection on their faces - blind and dumb and deaf. Their abode (is) Hell; every time it subsides, We (will) increase (for) them the blazing fire.

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