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86:1  By the heaven and by the night visitor.
86:2  Would that you knew what the night visitor is!
86:3  It is the star that pierces through darkness.
86:4  For every soul there is a guardian who watches over it.
86:5  Let man then reflect: of what he is created.
86:6  He is created of gushing water;
86:7  he issues from between the loins and the chest bones.
86:8  God is well able to bring him back [to life].
86:9  On the day when consciences are tried,
86:10  man shall be helpless, with no supporter.
86:11  By the heaven with its returning rain,
86:12  by the earth ever splitting with verdure,
86:13  this is surely a decisive word;
86:14  it is no idle talk.
86:15  They devise many an artful scheme,
86:16  but I too have My schemes.
86:17  So give respite to the unbelievers; leave them alone for a while.