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86:1  BY THE heaven, and by the nightly visitant
86:2  Would that you knew what the nightly visitant is
86:3  It is the star of piercing brightness
86:4  For every soul there is a guardian
86:5  Let man reflect from what he is created
86:6  he was created from an ejaculated flui
86:7  that issues from between the loins and the ribs
86:8  Surely He has power to bring him back
86:9  on the day when consciences are searched
86:10  Helpless shall he be, with none to succour him
86:11  By the heaven with its recurring cycles
86:12  and by the earth, ever bursting with new growth
86:13  this¹ is a discerning utterance
86:14  no flippant jest
86:15  They scheme and scheme
86:16  and I, too, scheme and scheme
86:17  Therefore bear with the unbelievers, and let them be awhile