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86:1  The heaven and At-Tariq ('The strictly adhering to a set path') act as a witness (to Allah’s Majesty)
86:2  And what made you realise what At-Tariq is
86:3  (It is) a star of piercing brightness
86:4  There is no (human) Nafs but over her is a protector
86:5  So let the human being ponder from what he has been created
86:6  He is created from a fluid ejecting itself swiftly
86:7  it proceeds from between back-bones and the ribs (since it is here where the source initially resides)
86:8  Surely, He is All-Capable over his revival (on the Day of Resurrection)
86:9  the Day when the secrets are subjected to Accountability
86:10  Then there is not for him from any (power) and nor (any one) out of that who helps
86:11  The heaven possessing reemergence [of clouds and rains (is a witness, of the Majesty of its Creator)]
86:12  and the earth, possessor of the action of splitting-up
86:13  Verily, this (Al-Kitab is) indeed a Qawlun Faslun
86:14  And it is not a senseless statement
86:15  Surely, they (i.e., the hypocrites and the disbelievers) plot a stratagem (against the propagation of Al-Kitab)
86:16  And I (also) plan a stratagem
86:17  So give (some) respite to the disbelievers. Provide them a temporary respite