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86:1  By the heavens and that which comes in the nigh
86:2  and what could make you know what it is that comes in the night
86:3  It is the shining sta
86:4  [for] no human being has been left unguarded
86:5  Let man reflect on what he was created from
86:6  He was created from spurting fluid
86:7  issuing from between the backbone and the breastbone
86:8  He certainly has the power to bring him back to life
86:9  On the Day when secrets are disclosed
86:10  [man] will have no power, and no helper
86:11  By the heavens, ever-revolving
86:12  by the earth cracking open with new growth
86:13  It is surely a decisive utterance
86:14  and is not to be taken lightly
86:15  They are planning a scheme
86:16  and so am I
86:17  so bear with those who deny the truth, and let them be for a little while