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86:1  By the sky (the heaven) and by the Visitor by the night
86:2  And what will explain to you what is the Visitor by the night —
86:3  The shinning Star of intense brightness—
86:4  There is no soul without a Protector over it
86:5  Now, let man only think from what he is created
86:6  He is created from a drop emitted—
86:7  Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs
86:8  Surely (Allah) is able to bring him back (to life)
86:9  The Day that (all) things secret will be tested
86:10  (Man) will have no power and no helper
86:11  By the sky that returns (with rains again and again)
86:12  And by the earth which opens out (for the gushing springs or the budding plants)—
86:13  Watch! This is the Word that separates out (Good from evil)
86:14  It is not a thing for amusement
86:15  As for them (the disbelievers), they are only plotting a scheme
86:16  And I am planning a Scheme
86:17  Therefore (O Prophet!) give a little time for the disbelievers: Bear with them gently (for a while)