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86:1  And the sky and the herald
86:2  And do you know what the herald i
86:3  The piercing star
86:4  Every soul has a recorder over it
86:5  So let man see from what he was created
86:6  He was created from water that gushes forth
86:7  It comes out from between the spine and the testicles
86:8  For He is able to bring him back
86:9  The Day when all is revealed
86:10  Then he will not have any power or victor
86:11  And the sky which gives rain
86:12  And the land with small cracks
86:13  This is the word that separates matters
86:14  And it is not a thing for amusement
86:15  They are scheming their schemes
86:16  And I scheme a scheme
86:17  So respite the rejecters, respite them for a while