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64:1  All things in the Heavens and the Earth glorify Allah. He rules over all things and all praise is for Him. He has control over all things.
64:2  He is the One Who created you; but some of you chose to be disbelievers, and others choose to be believers, and Allah sees what you do.
64:3  He created the Heavens and the Earth for a true purpose and shaped you, then He perfected your forms, and to Him is the final return.
64:4  He knows what is in the Heavens and the Earth, and He knows what you conceal and what you reveal. Allah knows what lies in people’s minds
64:5  Hasn’t the news of the disbelievers of the past reached you? They tasted the consequences of their deeds, and for them is a painful punishment.
64:6  That was because when their messengers with miracles used to come to them, they disapprovingly said, “How can mere humans guide us?” So, they denied and turned away. Allah has no need of them. Allah is Independent and Praiseworthy.
64:7  The disbelievers claimed they will not be resurrected; say to them: “Of course My Lord will resurrect you, and then you will be told what you did.” That is easy for Allah.
64:8  So believe in Allah and His Messenger, and the light that We have sent down. Allah is aware of what you do
64:9  He will assemble you on the Day of Gathering, that’s the Day of gain and loss. Whoever believed in Allah and did righteous deeds, He will erase his sins and take him into gardens with rivers flowing beneath them, to live there forever – the great success
64:10  But the ones who disbelieved and rejected our revelations, will be people of the Fire, to live therein forever. What an evil place
64:11  No misfortune befalls anyone except by the permission of Allah. Whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart, and Allah knows all things.
64:12  Therefore obey Allah, and obey the Messenger; were you to turn away you would lose, since Our Messenger’s responsibility is only to deliver the message clearly.
64:13  There is no god but Him, so let the believers put trust in Allah alone
64:14  Believers, some of your spouses and your children could be enemies, so beware of them! However, if you forgive, tolerate and pardon their conduct then you will find Allah too is Forgiving, Caring.
64:15  Your wealth and children are a test; with Allah is a great reward.
64:16  So be mindful of Allah as much as you can, and listen, obey, and give in charity; that is good for you. Whoever can save themselves from greed, then those are the successful ones.
64:17  If you lend Allah a beautiful loan, He will multiply it for you, and forgive you. Allah is Most Appreciative, Gentle,
64:18  Knower of the unseen world and the seen, the Almighty, the Wise