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64:1  ALLTHAT is in the heavens and on the earth gives glory to God. His is the sovereignty, and His all praise. And He has power over all things
64:2  He it was that created you: yet some among you are unbelievers, and some have faith. God observes what you do
64:3  He created the heavens and the earth to manifest the Truth, and fashioned you into a comely shape. To Him shall all return
64:4  He knows what the heavens and the earth contain; He knows what you conceal and what you reveal. God well knows your innermost thoughts
64:5  Have you not heard of those who disbelieved before you? They tasted the baleful consequences of their unbelief, and grievous punishment is yet in store for them
64:6  That is because, when their apostles brought them veritable signs, they said: ‘Shall mortals be our guides?‘ They disbelieved and paid no heed. But God was in no need of them: God is self-sufficient and worthy of praise
64:7  The unbelievers say they shall not be raised to life. Say: ‘Yes, by the Lord, you shall assuredly be raised to life! Then you shall be told of all that you have done. That is easy enough for God.‘
64:8  Believe then in God and in His apostle, and in the light We have revealed. God is cognizant of what you do
64:9  The day on which He will gather you, the day on which you shall all be gathered ― that shall be a day of cheating.¹ Those that believe in God and do what is right shall be forgiven their sins and admitted to Gardens watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide for ever. That is the supreme triumph
64:10  But those that disbelieve and deny Our revelations shall be the inmates of the Fire, wherein shall they abide for ever: an wretched fate
64:11  No misfortune strikes except by God‘s leave. He guides the hearts of those who believe in Him; God has knowledge of all things
64:12  And obey God and obey the Apostle. If you pay no heed, Our apostle‘s duty is only to give the veritable warning
64:13  God ― there is no god but Him. In God let the faithful put their trust
64:14  Believers, in your spouses and in your children you have an enemy: beware of them. But if you overlook their offences and forgive and pardon them, then know that God is forgiving and compassionate
64:15  Your wealth and your children are but a temptation. God‘s recompense is great:
64:16  therefore fear God with all your hearts, and be attentive, obedient, and charitable. That will be best for you. Those that preserve themselves from their own greed will surely prosper
64:17  If you give a generous loan to God, He will pay you back twofold and will forgive you. Gracious is God, and benignant
64:18  He has knowledge of the unknown and the manifest. He is the Almighty, the Wise One