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58:1  GOD HAS surely heard the words of her¹ who pleaded with you against her husband and made her plaint to God. God has heard what you two said to each other. Surely God hears all and observes all
58:2  Those of you who divorce their wives by declaring them to be their mothers‘ backs should know that they are not their mothers. Their mothers are those only who bore them. The words they utter are unjust and false: but God pardons and forgives
58:3  Those that divorce their wives by so saying, and afterwards retract their words, shall free a slave¹ before they touch each other again. This you are enjoined to do: God is cognizant of what you do
58:4  He that has no slave shall fast two successive months before they touch one another. He that cannot shall feed sixty of the destitute. Thus it is, so that you may believe in God and His apostle. Such are the bounds set by God. Woeful punishment awaits the unbelievers
58:5  Those that oppose God and His apostle shall be brought low, as have been those before them. We have sent down distinct revelations. Shameful punishment awaits the unbelievers
58:6  On the day when God restores them all to life He will tell them what they did. God has counted their deeds, and they forgot them. God is witness of all things
58:7  Are you not aware that God knows what the heavens and the earth contain? If three men confer in secret, He is their fourth; if five, He is their sixth; whether fewer or more, He is with them wherever they be. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, He will inform them of their doings. God has knowledge of all things
58:8  Have you not seen those who, though forbidden to intrigue in secret, defiantly intrigue together in sin and enmity and in disobedience to the Apostle? When they come to you, they salute you in words which God does not greet you with, and ask themselves: ‘Why does God not punish us for what we say?‘ Hell is scourge enough for them: in its flames they shall burn, a wretched fate
58:9  Believers, when you converse in private do not speak with wickedness and enmity and in disobedience to the Apostle, but with justice and with piety; and fear God, before whom you shall be herded
58:10  Intrigue is the work of Satan, who means to vex the faithful. Yet he can harm them not at all, except by the will of God. In God let the faithful put their trust
58:11  Believers, make room¹ in your assemblies when you are bidden so to do: God will make room for you hereafter. Again, rise up when you are told to rise: God will raise to high ranks those of you that believe and those endowed with knowledge. God is cognizant of what you do
58:12  You believers, when you confer with the Apostle, give alms before such conference. That is best and most righteous for you. But if you lack the means, God is forgiving and merciful
58:13  Do you hesitate to offer alms before you confer with him? If you do not (and God will pardon your offence); then at least recite your prayers and render the alms levy and show obedience to God and His apostle. God is cognizant of what you do
58:14  Do you see those that have befriended a people with whom God is angry? They belong neither to you nor to them. They knowingly swear to falsehood
58:15  God has prepared for them a grievous scourge. Evil indeed is that which they have done
58:16  They use their faith as a disguise, and debar others from the path of God. Shameful punishment awaits them
58:17  Their wealth and children shall in no way protect them from God. They are the inmates of the Fire, wherein shall they abide for ever
58:18  On the day when God restores them all to life; they will swear to Him as they now swear to you, imagining that their oaths will help them. Surely it is they who are lying
58:19  Satan has gained possession of them, and caused them to forget God‘s Admonition. They are the confederates of Satan; but Satan‘s confederates will surely be the losers
58:20  Those that oppose God and His apostle shall be brought low
58:21  God has decreed: ‘I will surely triumph, Myself and My apostles.‘ Powerful is God, and mighty
58:22  You shall find no believers in God and in the Last Day on friendly terms with those who oppose God and His apostle, even though they be their fathers, their sons, their brothers, or their nearest kin. God has inscribed the Faith in their very hearts, and strengthened them with a spirit of His own. He will usher them into Gardens watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide for ever. God is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased with Him. They are the confederates of God: and God‘s confederates will surely triumph