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58:1  Of a surety Allah hath heard the saying of her that disputed with thee concerning her husband and bewailed Unto Allah; and Allah hath heard your mutual discourse. Verlly Allah Is Hearing, Beholding
58:2  As to those among you who put away their wives by pronouncing zihar their mothers they are not. Their mothers are but those who gave them birth; and verily they utter a saying disputable and false. And verily Allah is Pardoning, Forgiving
58:3  Those who put away their wives by pronouncing zihar and thereafter would retract that which they have said, then upon them is the freeing of a slave before the twain touch each other. That is that wherewith ye are exhorted; and Allah is of whatsoever ye work Aware
58:4  And whosoever findeth not a slave to free on him is the fasting for two months in succession before the twain touch each other, and on him who is not able to do so is the feeding of sixty needy ones. That is in order that ye may believe in Allah and His apostle; and these are the ordinances of Allah. And for the infidels is a torment afflictive
58:5  Verily those who oppose Allah and His apostle shall be abased even as those before them were abased; and of a surety We have sent down manifest signs. And for the infidels will be a torment ignominious
58:6  On the Day whereon Allah will raise them all together and declare Unto them that which they have worked. Allah hath taken count thereof, whilst they forget it. And Allah is over everything a Witness
58:7  Observest thou not that Allah knoweth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth! There is no whispering among three but He is their fourth, nor among five but He is their sixth, nor fewer than that nor more but He is with them wheresoever they may be; and thereafter He will declare Unto them, on the Day of Judgment, that which they have worked. Verily Allah is of everything Knower
58:8  Observest thou not those who were forbidden whispering and they afterwards returned to that which they had been forbidden; and they whisper Unto each Other of sin, transgression and disobedience reward the apostle! And when they came Unto thee, they greet thee with that wherewith Allah greeteth thee not, and say within themselves: wherefore god tormented us not for that which we say? Sufficient Unto them is Hell, where in they will roast: a hapless destination
58:9  O ye who believe! when ye whisper together, whisper not of sin, transgression and disobedience toward the apostle; but whisper for virtue and piety. And fear Allah Unto Whom ye will be gathered
58:10  Whisper is only from the Satan that he may grieve those who believe; and he can harm them not at all save with the leave of Allah. Wherefore in Allah let the believers trust
58:11  O ye who believe! when it is said Unto you: make room in your assemblies, then make room; Allah will make room for you. And when it is said: rise up, then rise up; Allah will exalt those who believe among you and those who are vouchsafed knowledge, in degrees. And Allah is of whatsoever ye work Aware
58:12  O ye who believe! when ye go to whisper with the apostle, offer alms before your whispering; that is better for you and purer. Then if ye find not the wherewith, then verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
58:13  Shrink ye at your offering the alms before your whispering! Then, when ye could do it not, and Allah relented toward you, establish prayer and pay the poor-rate and obey Allah and His apostle. And Allah is Aware of that which ye work
58:14  Beholdest thou not those who take for friends a people with whom Allah is angered? They are neither of you nor of them, and they swear to a lie while they know
58:15  Allah hath gotten ready for them a torment grievous; verily vile is that which they have been working
58:16  They have taken their oaths as a shield, and they have hindered others from the way of Allah; wherefore theirs shall be a torment ignominious
58:17  There will not avail them against Allah their riches or their children at all. Th are the fellows of the Fire; therein they will be abiders
58:18  This shall befall on a Day whereon Allah shall raise them all together; then they will swear Unto Him even as they swear Unto you, deeming themselves up on aught. Lo! verily they! they are the liars
58:19  The Satan hath overpowered them, and so hath caused them to forget the remembrance of Allah. These are the band of the Satan. Lo! verily it is the Satan's band that shall be the losers
58:20  Verily those; who oppose Allah and His apostle - they are among the lowest
58:21  Allah hath prescribed: surely shall overcome, and My apostles. Verily Allah is strong, Mighty
58:22  Thou shalt not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day befriending those who oppose Allah and His apostle, even though they be their fathers or their sons or their brethren or their kindred. These! He hath inscribed faith on their hearts and hath strengthened them with a spirit from Him: and He shall make them enter Gardens whereunder rivers flow as abiders therein. Allah is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased with Him. These are Allah's band. Lo! verily it is the Allah's band that are the blissful