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58:1  God has heard the words of the woman who disputed with you [Prophet] about her husband and complained to God: God has heard what you both had to say. He is all hearing, all seeing
58:2  Even if any of you say to their wives, ‘You are to me like my mother’s back,’they are not their mothers; their only mothers are those who gave birth to them. What they say is certainly blameworthy and false, but God is pardoning and forgiving
58:3  Those of you who say such a thing to their wives, then go back on what they have said, must free a slave before the couple may touch one another again––this is what you are commanded to do, and God is fully aware of what you do–&ndash
58:4  but anyone who does not have the means should fast continuously for two months before they touch each other, and anyone unable to do this should feed sixty needy people. This is so that you may [truly] have faith in God and His Messenger. These are the bounds set by God: grievous torment awaits those who ignore them
58:5  Those who oppose God and His Messenger will be brought low, like those before them: We have revealed clear messages, and humiliating torment awaits those who ignore them
58:6  on the Day when God will raise everyone and make them aware of what they have done. God has taken account of it all, though they may have forgotten: He witnesses everything
58:7  Do you not see [Prophet] that God knows everything in the heavens and earth? There is no secret conversation between three people where He is not the fourth, nor between five where He is not the sixth, nor between less or more than that without Him being with them, wherever they may be. On the Day of Resurrection, He will show them what they have done: God truly has full knowledge of everything
58:8  Have you not seen how those who have been forbidden to hold secret conversations go back afterwards and hold them, and conspire with one another in what is sinful, hostile, and disobedient to the Messenger? When they come to you they greet you with words God has never used to greet you, and say inwardly, ‘Why does God not punish us for what we say?’ Hell will be punishment enough for them: they will burn there- an evil destination
58:9  You who believe, when you converse in secret, do not do so in a way that is sinful, hostile, and disobedient to the Messenger, but in a way that is good and mindful [of God]. Be mindful of God, to whom you will all be gathered
58:10  [Any other kind of] secret conversation is the work of Satan, designed to cause trouble to the believers, though it cannot harm them in the least unless God permits it. Let the believers put their trust in God
58:11  You who believe, if you are told to make room for one another in your assemblies, then do so, and God will make room for you, and if you are told to rise up, do so: God will raise up, by many degrees, those of you who believe and those who have been given knowledge: He is fully aware of what you do
58:12  You who believe, when you come to speak privately with the Messenger, offer something in charity before your conversation: that is better for you and purer. If you do not have the means, God is most forgiving and merciful
58:13  Were you afraid to give charity before consulting the Prophet? Since you did not give charity, and God has relented towards you, you should [at least] observe your prayers, pay the prescribed alms, and obey God and His Messenger: God is well aware of your actions
58:14  Have you not seen [Prophet] those who give their loyalty to people with whom God is angry? They are neither with you nor with them, and knowingly swear to lies
58:15  God has prepared a severe torment for them: what they do is truly evil
58:16  They have used their oaths to cover up [their false deeds], and barred others from the path of God. A humiliating torment awaits them
58:17  neither their wealth nor their children will be of any use to them against God- they will be the inhabitants of Hell, where they will remain
58:18  On the Day God raises them all from the dead, they will swear before Him as they swear before you now, thinking that it will help them. What liars they are
58:19  Satan has gained control over them and made them forget God. They are on Satan’s side, and Satan’s side will be the losers
58:20  those who oppose God and His Messenger will be among the most humiliated
58:21  God has written, ‘I shall most certainly win, I and My messengers.’ God is powerful and almighty
58:22  [Prophet], you will not find people who truly believe in God and the Last Day giving their loyalty to those who oppose God and His Messenger, even though they may be their fathers, sons, brothers, or other relations: these are the people in whose hearts God has inscribed faith, and whom He has strengthened with His spirit. He will let them enter Gardens graced with flowing streams, where they will stay: God is well pleased with them, and they with Him. They are on God’s side, and God’s side will be the one to prosper