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58:1  God has certainly heard the words of the woman who disputed with you about her husband and who (after not having received a favorable response from you) complained to God. God was listening to your argument. He is All-hearing and All-aware
58:2  Those who renounce their wives by calling them mothers should know that their wives could never become their mothers. Their mothers are those who have given birth to them. The words that they speak are certainly detestable and sinful. But God is Pardoning and All-forgiving
58:3  Those who renounce their wives by calling them mothers and then change their minds about what they have said will have to set free a slave as a ransom and only then will their carnal relations be lawful. This is what you have been commanded. God is Well Aware of whatever you do
58:4  If one cannot set free a slave, he must fast for two consecutive months, and only then can he have lawful carnal relations. If this is also not possible, he must feed sixty destitute people. This is the command of God, so that perhaps you will have faith in God and His Messenger. Such are the Laws of God, and those who disbelieve them will suffer a painful torment
58:5  Those who oppose God and His Messenger will be humiliated like those who lived before. We have sent illustrious revelations and those who disbelieve will suffer a humiliating torment
58:6  On the day when everyone will be resurrected, God will tell them about their deeds which He has recorded in their entirety - while they themselves have forgotten them. God is the witness over all things
58:7  Have you not considered that God knows all that is in the heavens and the earth? There is not a single place wherein any secret counsel can take place between any three people without God being the fourth, nor five people without His being the sixth nor any gathering of more or less people, wherever it may be, without His being with them. On the Day of Judgment, He will tell them about their deeds. God has the knowledge of all things
58:8  Have you not seen those who have been forbidden to have secret counsels violate this prohibition and resume their secret counsels for sinful and hostile purposes and to disobey the Messenger? When they come to you (Muhammad), they greet you with a greeting with which even God has not greeted you and say to themselves, "Why has God not punished us for what we say (if he is a true Prophet)?" The heat of hell is a sufficient torment for them. This is the most terrible fate
58:9  Believers, when you hold a secret counsel, let it not be for a sinful, hostile purpose or to disobey the Messenger, but let your counsel take place for virtuous and pious reasons. Have fear of God in whose presence you will all be brought together
58:10  Holding secret counsels for (evil purposes) is a work of satan to cause grief to the believers, but he can do no harm to them except by the will of God. Let the believers trust in God
58:11  Believers, when you are told to make room in a meeting for others, do so. God will then make room for you. When you are told to disperse, do so. God will raise the position of the believers and of those who have received knowledge. God is Well-Aware of what you do
58:12  Believers, whenever you consult the Prophet, offer charity before your consultation. This will be better for you and more pure. However, if you do not find anything to give in charity, then God is All-forgiving and All-merciful
58:13  Were you afraid that giving in charity before your consultation would make you poor? Since you did not offer such charity, God forgave you for this. At least be steadfast in prayer, pay the religious tax, and obey God and His Messenger. God is Well Aware of what you do
58:14  Have you not seen those who have established friendship with the people who are subject to the wrath of God? They do not belong to you nor you to them, yet they knowingly try to prove their point by using false oaths
58:15  God has prepared a severe torment for them. What an evil deed they have committed
58:16  They have made their oaths as a shield to obstruct others from the way of God. They will suffer a humiliating torment
58:17  Neither their wealth nor their children will be able to protect them against God. They will be the dwellers of hell fire wherein they will live forever
58:18  On the day when God will resurrect them all together, they will swear to Him as they swore to you and they will think that they have a good case but they are certainly liars
58:19  Satan has dominated them and has made them forget the guidance of God. They are Satan's party and the party of Satan will certainly suffer a great loss
58:20  Disgrace will strike those who oppose God and His Messenger
58:21  God has decreed, "I and My Messenger shall certainly triumph." God is All-powerful and Majestic
58:22  You will not find any people of faith in God and the Day of Judgment who would establish friendship with those who oppose God and His Messenger, even if it would be in the interest of their fathers, sons, brothers, and kinsmen. God has established faith in their hearts and supported them by a Spirit from Himself. He will admit them to Paradise wherein streams flow to live therein forever. God is pleased with them and they are pleased with God. These are members of the party of God and the party of God will certainly have everlasting happiness