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at-Tin (The Fig, The Figtree)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Fig, The Figtree(at-Tin)
95:1 Witness is the Fig and the Olive. (The Call of Allah's Messengers, the history, the places and the reaction of their people)
95:2 And Mount Sinai. ((19:52), (20:9-36), (52:1). Exodus 3:1-18 and 4:1-17)
95:3 And now, (O Messenger!) This land of security and peace. (Makkah where the Final Revelation has begun. (2:126))
95:4 We have created the human being in the best design. (With the potential to grow his 'Self')
95:5 Then We turn him to the lowest of low. (Whoever rejects Divine Values, reduces himself to a subhuman existence (91:7-10))
95:6 Except those who have chosen to be graced with belief, and work to augment the human potential. And theirs is a reward unending
95:7 What, then, can make you deny the Divine System of life
95:8 Is not Allah the Sovereign of the sovereigns, the Wisest of the wise, the Best of all judges? ('Hukm' carries all three meanings)


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