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al-Inshirah (Solace, Consolation, Relief, The Expansion)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah Solace, Consolation, Relief, The Expansion(al-Inshirah)
94:1 Did We not expand your chest? (Endowed you with resilience, understanding and a heart and mind to accomplish the impossible)
94:2 And thus lightened your burden. (Made the journey through life easy by bestowing upon you the perceptual and intellectual faculties). (80:20)
94:3 Which would weigh on your back so heavily
94:4 And exalted your renown (O Prophet!). (And gave eminence to you, O Mankind!)
94:5 And behold, with every hardship comes ease
94:6 Indeed, with every hardship comes ease
94:7 Hence, whenever you are free from the immediate task, embark upon the next strife
94:8 And turn all your attention to your Lord. (Remain focused on the Mission entrusted upon you by your Lord)


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