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Faridul Haque

al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering, Splitting Open)
as rendered by Faridul Haque
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Faridul Haque rendition of Surah The Sundering, Splitting Open(al-Inshiqaq)
84:1 When the heaven breaks apart
84:2 And it listens to the command of its Lord - and that befits it
84:3 And when the earth is spread out
84:4 And it unburdens itself of all that is in it, and becomes empty
84:5 And it listens to the command of its Lord - and that befits it
84:6 O man, indeed you have to surely run towards your Lord, and to meet him
84:7 So whoever is given his record of deeds in his right hand
84:8 Soon an easy account will be taken from him
84:9 And he will return to his family rejoicing
84:10 And whoever is given his record of deeds behind his back
84:11 Soon he will pray for death
84:12 And will go into the blazing fire
84:13 Indeed he used to rejoice in his home
84:14 He assumed that he does not have to return
84:15 Surely yes, why not? Indeed his Lord is seeing him
84:16 So by oath of the late evening’s light
84:17 And by oath of the night and all that gathers in it
84:18 And by oath of the moon when it is full
84:19 You will surely go up level by level
84:20 What is the matter with them that they do not accept faith
84:21 And when the Qur’an is recited to them, they do not fall prostrate? (Command of Prostration # 13
84:22 In fact the disbelievers keep denying
84:23 And Allah well knows what they conceal in their hearts
84:24 Therefore give them the glad tidings of a painful punishment
84:25 Except those who believed and did good deeds - for them is a reward that will never end


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