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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Infitar (The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart(al-Infitar)
82:1 When the sky is split asunder
82:2 And the stars are strewn around
82:3 And the oceans spill forth
82:4 And the graves are overturned (and emptied)
82:5 (That is the day when) every soul would learn everything it did, that which it sent ahead, and that which it left behind
82:6 (Oh people)! What has lured you away from your Lord, the most Eminent, the Generous
82:7 The One Who created you, fashioned you, and gave you (the right) proportions
82:8 In whatever form He willed, He brought you into being
82:9 No! Rather, you deny the (day of) reward and punishment
82:10 Indeed, to watch over you (and record) are
82:11 The noble scribes, (the angels)
82:12 They know everything you do
82:13 Of course, the pious would be in bliss
82:14 And the wicked would surely be in hellfire
82:15 They shall join it on the Day of Judgment
82:16 And (thereafter) they shall never (be allowed to) remain absent from it
82:17 What can make you grasp the reality of the Day of Judgment
82:18 (Think) again! What can make you grasp the reality of the Day of Judgment
82:19 That day, no soul shall have any power to do anything at all for anyone else. That day, the command will belong to Allah (exclusively)


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