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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Linda "iLham" Barto
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Linda “iLHam” Barto rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He [the Prophet] frowned and turned away…
80:2 …because the blind man approached him.
80:3 How do you [O Prophet] know whether he may have corrected himself?
80:4 Or whether he may have been reminded [of God] and have benefited from the reminder?
80:5 To one who regarded himself as independent,…
80:6 …you attended.
80:7 There would have been no blame on you, however, if he did not correct himself.
80:8 As for one who approached you earnestly…
80:9 …and reverently,…
80:10 …you were too preoccupied.
80:11 That’s not right! It is indeed a reminder [that you have been given].
80:12 Therefore, whosoever will may remember it.
80:13 [It is] from pages of honor.
80:14 [It is] exalted and kept pure…
80:15 …by the hands of scribes…
80:16 …who are honorable and righteous.
80:17 Destruction to humanity! How ungrateful he/she is!
80:18 From what did (Allah) create him/her?
80:19 He created him/her from sperm, and then He molded him/her in appropriate stages.
80:20 He makes his/her path simple [by giving rules by which to live].
80:21 He causes him/her to die and be cast into the grave.
80:22 In accordance with His will, He will resurrect him/her.
80:23 Certainly, (humanity) has not fulfilled what Allah has commanded!
80:24 Humanity should consider his/her food.
80:25 [He/she should consider] how We pour water in abundance.
80:26 We fragment the earth in cracks.
80:27 From it are produced grain,…
80:28 …grapes, nutritious herbs,
80:29 olives, date palms.
80:30 [Also produced are] luxurious, enclosed gardens,…
80:31 …and fruits and fodder…
80:32 …as provision for you and your cattle.
80:33 Someday the deafening noise will come.
80:34 That day a person will flee from his/her own brother…
80:35 …and from his/her mother and father…
80:36 …and from his/her spouse and children.
80:37 Every person, that day, will have enough worries of his/her own.
80:38 Some faces that day will be beaming,…
80:39 …laughing, rejoicing.
80:40 Some faces that day will be dingy.
80:41 Darkness will cover them.
80:42 Such will be the unbelievers, the sinners.


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