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Word for Word - James Ada et al

`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned away,
80:2 Because came to him the blind man.
80:3 But what would make you know that he might purify himself,
80:4 Or be reminded so would benefit him the reminder?
80:5 As for (him) who considers himself free from ne
80:6 So you to him give attention.
80:7 And not upon you that not he purifies himself.
80:8 But as for (he) who came to you striving,
80:9 While he fears,
80:10 But you from him (are) distracted.
80:11 Nay! Indeed, it (is) a reminder,
80:12 So whosoever wills may remember it.
80:13 In sheets honored,
80:14 Exalted, purified,
80:15 In (the) hands (of) scribes.
80:16 Noble, dutiful.
80:17 Is destroyed [the] man, how ungrateful is he!
80:18 From what thing He created him?
80:19 From a semen-drop He created him, then He proportioned him,
80:20 Then the way, He made easy for him,
80:21 Then He causes him to die and provides a grave for him,
80:22 Then when He wills, He will resurrect him.
80:23 Nay! Not he has accomplished what He commanded him.
80:24 Then let look the man at his food,
80:25 That [We] [We] poured the water (in) abundance,
80:26 Then We cleaved the earth splitting,
80:27 Then We caused to grow therein grain,
80:28 And grapes and green fodder,
80:29 And olive and date-palms,
80:30 And gardens (of) thick foliage,
80:31 And fruits and grass,
80:32 (As) a provision for you and for your cattle.
80:33 But when comes the Deafening Blast,
80:34 (The) Day will flee a man from his brother,
80:35 And his mother and his father,
80:36 And his wife and his children,
80:37 For every man among them that Day (will be) a matter occupying him.
80:38 Faces, that Day (will be) bright,
80:39 Laughing, rejoicing at good news.
80:40 And faces, that Day, upon them (will be) dust,
80:41 Will cover them darkness.
80:42 Those [they] (are) the disbelievers, the wicked ones.


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