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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Torres Al Haneef (partial translation)
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Torres Al Haneef (partial translation) rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned awa
80:2 because the blind man came to him (interrupting)
80:3 And how would you know? -- maybe he would grow in purit
80:4 "or be reminded, and the reminder would help him!"
80:5 "But, as for the one who thinks he can take care of himself,"
80:6 to him you give your attention (O Prophet
80:7 although you will not be blamed if he does not purify himself
80:8 "And as for the one who comes to you eagerly,"
80:9 "and fears (Allah),"
80:10 "from him, you are distracted."
80:11 "No (it should not be so.) It [the Qur??n] is a Reminder,"
80:12 so let whoever wants to remember it (do so)
80:13 "it is on honoured pages,"
80:14 "kept high and pure,"
80:15 (written) by the hands of scribe
80:16 who are noble and pious
80:17 Cursed is man; how ungrateful he is
80:18 From what did He create him
80:19 "From a drop of sperm He created him, and moulded him in (good) proportions,"
80:20 "then makes the way easy for him,"
80:21 "then causes him to die and to be buried,"
80:22 "then, when He wills, He will raise him (to life again)."
80:23 "No, surely man has not fulfilled what Allahhas commanded him."
80:24 "So, let man consider his food:"
80:25 "We pour down the water in abundant rains,"
80:26 "then We split the earth in fissures,"
80:27 "and make the grains grow in them,"
80:28 "and grapes and fresh green plants,"
80:29 "and olives and palm trees,"
80:30 "and gardens thick with tall trees,"
80:31 "and fruits and pastures,"
80:32 for the comfort of you and your flocks
80:33 "But when the deafening Shout comes,"
80:34 "on a Day when a man shall run from his (own) brother,"
80:35 "his mother, his father,"
80:36 "and from his wife and his children,"
80:37 "every man, on that day, will have enough worries of his own to make him forget (everyone else)."
80:38 "Some faces on that Day will be shining,"
80:39 "laughing, happy (with their good news),"
80:40 "and other faces on that Day will be covered with dust,"
80:41 veiled in darkness
80:42 "Those are the unbelievers, the wicked."


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