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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Syed Vickar Ahamed
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Syed Vickar Ahamed rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned away
80:2 Because there came to him (the Prophet), the blind man (breaking into the discussion)
80:3 But what could tell you (O Prophet) but that he (the blind man) might by chance grow (in his understanding)
80:4 Or that he may receive guidance and the teachings that might profit him
80:5 About the one who considers himself independent
80:6 You attend to him
80:7 Even though there is no blame on you if he did not grow (in understanding)
80:8 But to him (the blind man) who came to you with effort and sincerity
80:9 And with fear (in his heart)
80:10 Were you (O Prophet!) unmindful in shifting your attention to another
80:11 By no means (should it be so), because it is indeed a Message of Instruction
80:12 Therefore let anyone who makes up the mind, remember (and accept) it
80:13 (It is) in Books held in (great) honor
80:14 Supreme (in dignity) kept pure and holy
80:15 (Written) by the hands of holy scribes (writers) &mdash
80:16 Blessed and just
80:17 Warning to man! What has made him reject Allah
80:18 From what stuff has He (Allah) created him
80:19 From a sperm-drop has He (Allah) created him, and then (He) makes him in proper size and shape
80:20 Then He (Allah) makes the path smooth for him
80:21 Then He (Allah) causes him to die and puts him in his grave
80:22 Then, when it is His (Allah’s) Will, He will raise him up (again)
80:23 By no means has he (man) fulfilled what Allah has commanded him to do
80:24 Then let man look at his food, (how We provide it)
80:25 For that We pour forth water in plenty
80:26 And We split the earth into pieces
80:27 And produce from there corn
80:28 And grapes and plants to eat
80:29 And olives and dates
80:30 And enclosed gardens thick with tall trees
80:31 And fruits and herbage (and the grasses)&mdash
80:32 For you to use and (for your) help and for your cattle
80:33 At last! When there comes the deafening noise&mdash
80:34 That Day man will run away from his own brother
80:35 And from his mother and his father
80:36 And from his wife and his children
80:37 On that Day each of the men, will have enough worry (of his own) to make him not mindful of the others
80:38 Some faces that Day will be shining
80:39 Laughing, being happy
80:40 And other faces that Day will be soiled with dust
80:41 Blackness will cover them
80:42 Such will be the rejecters of Allah, the unrighteous


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