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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by John Medows Rodwell
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John Medows Rodwell rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 HE FROWNED, and he turned his back
80:2 Because the blind man came to him
80:3 But what assured thee that he would not be cleansed by the Faith
80:4 Or be warned, and the warning profit him
80:5 As to him who is wealthy
80:6 To him thou wast all attention
80:7 Yet is it not thy concern if he be not cleansed
80:8 But as to him who cometh to thee in earnest
80:9 And full of fears
80:10 Him dost thou neglect
80:11 Nay! but it (the Koran) is a warning
80:12 (And whoso is willing beareth it in mind
80:13 Written on honoured pages
80:14 Exalted, purified
80:15 By the hands of Scribes, honoured, righteous
80:16 Cursed be man! What hath made him unbelieving
80:17 Of what thing did God create him
80:18 Out of moist germs
80:19 He created him and fashioned him
80:20 Then made him an easy passage from the womb
80:21 Then causeth him to die and burieth him
80:22 Then, when he pleaseth, will raise him again to life
80:23 Aye! but man hath not yet fulfilled the bidding of his Lord
80:24 Let man look at his food
80:25 It was We who rained down the copious rains
80:26 Then cleft the earth with clefts
80:27 And caused the upgrowth of the grain
80:28 And grapes and healing herbs
80:29 And the olive and the palm
80:30 And enclosed gardens thick with trees
80:31 And fruits and herbage
80:32 For the service of yourselves and of your cattle
80:33 But when the stunning trumpet-blast shall arrive
80:34 On that day shall a man fly from his brother
80:35 And his mother and his father
80:36 And his wife and his children
80:37 For every man of them on that day his own concerns shall be enough
80:38 There shall be faces on that day radiant
80:39 Laughing and joyous
80:40 And faces on that day with dust upon them
80:41 Blackness shall cover them
80:42 These are the Infidels, the Impure


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