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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by John Medows Rodwell
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John Medows Rodwell rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By those angels who DRAG FORTH souls with violence
79:2 And by those who with joyous release release them
79:3 By those who swim swimmingly along
79:4 By those who are foremost with foremost speed
79:5 By those who conduct the affairs of the universe
79:6 One day, the disturbing trumpet-blast shall disturb it
79:7 Which the second blast shall follow
79:8 Men's hearts on that day shall quake:
79:9 Their looks be downcast
79:10 The infidels will say, "Shall we indeed be restored as at first
79:11 What! when we have become rotten bones?"
79:12 "This then," say they, "will be a return to loss."
79:13 Verily, it will be but a single blast
79:14 And lo! they are on the surface of the earth
79:15 Hath the story of Moses reached thee
79:16 When his Lord called to him in Towa's holy vale
79:17 Go to Pharaoh, for he hath burst all bounds
79:18 And say, "Wouldest thou become just
79:19 Then I will guide thee to thy Lord that thou mayest fear him."
79:20 And he showed him a great miracle,
79:21 But he treated him as an impostor, and rebelled
79:22 Then turned he his back all hastily
79:23 And gathered an assembly and proclaimed
79:24 And said, "I am your Lord supreme."
79:25 So God visited on him the punishment of this life and of the other
79:26 Verily, herein is a lesson for him who hath the fear of God
79:27 Are ye the harder to create, or the heaven which he hath built
79:28 He reared its height and fashioned it
79:29 And gave darkness to its night, and brought out its light
79:30 And afterwards stretched forth the earth,
79:31 He brought forth from it its waters and its pastures
79:32 And set the mountains fir
79:33 For you and your cattle to enjoy
79:34 But when the grand overthrow shall come
79:35 The day when a man shall reflect on the pains that he hath taken
79:36 And Hell shall be in full view of all who are looking on
79:37 Then, as for him who hath transgresse
79:38 And hath chosen this present life
79:39 Verily, Hell - that shall be his dwelling-place
79:40 But as to him who shall have feared the majesty of his Lord, and shall have refrained his soul from lust
79:41 Verily, Paradise - that shall be his dwelling-place
79:42 They will ask thee of "the Hour," when will be its fixed time
79:43 But what knowledge hast thou of it
79:44 Its period is known only to thy Lord
79:45 And thou art only charged with the warning of those who fear it
79:46 On the day when they shall see it, it shall seem to them as though they had not tarried in the tomb, longer than its evening or its morn


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