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Qaf (The Letter Qaf)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Letter Qaf(Qaf)
50:1 Qaf. By the Qur'an glorious, We have sent thee as a warner
50:2 Aye! they marvel that there hath come Unto them a warner from among themselves; so the infidels Say: this is a thing wondrous
50:3 Shell We be brought back when we are dead and have become dust? That is a return remote
50:4 Surely We know that which the earth consumeth of them, and with Us is, Book preserved
50:5 Aye! they belie the truth when it cometh Unto them; wherefore they are in an affair confused
50:6 Have they not looked up to the heaven above them, in what wise We have constructed and bedecked it, and that therein is no rift
50:7 And the earth! We have spread it forth, and have cast therein firm mountains, and have caused to grow therein of every beauteous kind of plants
50:8 An insight and an admonition for every bondman penitent
50:9 And We have sent down from the heaven water brest wherewith We have caused gardens to grow and the grain reaped
50:10 And tall date-palms laden with clusters ranged
50:11 As a provision for our bondmen; and therewith We have quickened a dead land. Even so will be the coming forth
50:12 And before them the people of Nuh belied, and so did the dwellers Of Rass and the Thamud
50:13 And the A-ad, and Fir'awn. and the brethren of Lut
50:14 And the dwellers in the wood, and the people of Tubba. Each one belied the apostles, wherefore fulfilled was My judgement
50:15 Are We then wearied with the first creation? Aye! they are in dubiety regarding a new creation
50:16 And assuredly We have created man and We know whatsoever his soul whispereth Unto him, and We are nigher Unto him than his jugular vein
50:17 Behold! when the two receivers receive-one on the right hand and one on the left a sitter
50:18 Not a word he uttereth but there is with him a watcher ready
50:19 And the stupor of death will come in truth: this is that which thou hast been shunning
50:20 And the trumpet will be blown: this is the Day of the Threatening
50:21 And there shall come every soul therewith shall be a driver and a witness
50:22 Assuredly thou wast in neglect thereof; now We have removed from off thee thy veil, so thy sight Today is piercing
50:23 And his companion will say: this is that which with me is ready
50:24 Cast ye twain into Hell every Person rebellious, contumacious
50:25 Hinderer o fgood, trespasser, doubte
50:26 Who set up with Allah another god. So cast him ye twain into the torment severe
50:27 His companion will say: O our Lord! caused him not to transgress but he was himself in error far off
50:28 Allah will say: wrangle not in My presence, and had already proferred Unto you the threat
50:29 The Word will not be changed in My presence, nor am an oppressor at all Unto My bondmen
50:30 Mention the Day whereon We shall say Unto the Hell: art thou filled? and it will say: is there yet any addition
50:31 And brought nigh will be the Garden Unto the God-fearing, not far-off
50:32 This is that which ye were promised: for every oft- returning heedful one
50:33 That feareth the Compassionate in the unseen and cometh to Him with a heart penitent
50:34 Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Abidence
50:35 Theirs therein will be whatsoever they list; and with Us will be yet more
50:36 And how many a generation have We destroyed before them, who were mightier in power than they, and they traversed the cities! No place of refuge could they find
50:37 Verily herein is an admonition Unto him who hath a heart, or giveth ear while he is heedful
50:38 And assuredly We created the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in between the twain in six days, and there touched Us naught of weariness
50:39 So bear thou patiently with that which they say, and hallow the praise of thine Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting
50:40 And in the night-time hallow Him, and also after the prescribed prostration
50:41 And hearken thou: the Day whereon the caller will call from a place quite near
50:42 The Day whereon they will surely hear the shout - that is the Day of coming forth
50:43 Verily We! it is We Who give life and cause death, and Unto Us is the journeying
50:44 That shall be the Day whereon the earth will be cleft from off them as they hasten forth. That shall be a gathering Unto Us easy
50:45 We are the best Knower of that which they say, and thou art not over them over them tyrant. Wherefore admonish thou by the Qur'an him who feareth My threat


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