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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

Ghafir (The Forgiver, The Forgiving One)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Forgiver, The Forgiving One(Ghafir)
40:1 H. M. (Ha. Mim.
40:2 Sending down of the book is from God, the powerful, the knowledgeable
40:3 Forgiver of the sin, acceptor of the repentance, severe in the punishment, having superiority (and bounty), there is no god except Him, the final return is to Him
40:4 No one argues about God's signs except those who disbelieved, and their moving about the lands (and being successful) should not deceive you
40:5 Before them, people of Noah and other groups after them denied (their messengers), and every community intended to take (capture) their messenger, and they argued by the falsehood to disprove the truth with it. So I took them (in punishment), and how was My punishment
40:6 And that is how your Master's word was justified against those who disbelieved, that they are inhabitants of the fire
40:7 Those who carry the throne and those around it glorify their Master with praise, and believe in Him, and ask forgiveness for those who believed (saying): our Master, Your mercy and knowledge includes everything, so forgive those who repented and followed Your way and protect them from punishment of the hellfire
40:8 Our Master, admit them and anyone who did good among their fathers and their wives and their descendants into eternal gardens which you promised them, indeed You are the powerful, the wise
40:9 and protect them from the badness, and whomever you protect from the badness on that day, you have had mercy on him, and that is the great victory
40:10 Indeed those who disbelieved are called out: certainly God’s hatred is greater than your hatred of yourselves (or one another), for you were called to believe and you disbelieved.
40:11 They say: our Master, you made us die twice and you gave us life twice, and we confess our sins, so is there a way out (of punishment)
40:12 (They are told:) that is because you disbelieved when God alone was called, and you believed when partners was associated with Him, and the judgment (and the rule) belongs to God, the superior, the great
40:13 He is the One who shows you His signs and sends down provision for you from the sky, and none takes notice except someone who turns (to God)
40:14 So call on God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the religion, even though the disbelievers dislike it
40:15 Raiser of the ranks (and highest of the ranks), owner of the throne, He sends the spirit by His command to anyone of His servants that He wants in order to warn (people) about the meeting day
40:16 a day when they come out, nothing about them is hidden from God. To whom belongs the rule today? To God, the one, the supreme (and dominant)
40:17 Today every person is rewarded for what they did, no injustice today. Indeed God is quick in accounting
40:18 And warn them of the upcoming day, when the hearts are at the throats, full of suppressed anger. There is no friend or mediator for the wrongdoers who is obeyed (and is listened to)
40:19 He knows the secretive peeks (and the deceptive eyes) and what is hidden in the chests (and minds)
40:20 And God judges (and rules) with the truth, and those they call on besides Him do not judge (or rule) anything. Indeed God hears all, sees all
40:21 Or did they not travel on the earth to see what the end of those who were before them was? They were more powerful than them on the earth and had more effects (and marks), but God took them for their sins and there was no protector (and defender) for them against God.
40:22 That is because their messengers were bringing them the clear proofs but they disbelieved, so God took them. Indeed He is strong, severe in punishment
40:23 And We have certainly sent Moses with Our signs and a clear authorizatio
40:24 to Pharaoh and Haman and Qarun, but they said: a lying magician
40:25 So when he (Moses) brought them the truth from Us, they said: kill sons of those who believed with him and keep their women alive. And the plot of the disbelievers is nothing but a mistake
40:26 And Pharaoh said: let me kill Moses and he should call on his Master, indeed I am afraid that he changes your way of life (religion) or he causes the corruption to appear on the land
40:27 And Moses said: I seek shelter with my Master and your Master from every arrogant one who does not believe in the accounting day
40:28 And a believing man from Pharaoh’s people who was hiding his belief said: do you kill a man because he says my Master is God, and he has brought you the clear proofs from your Master? If he is a liar then his lie is against him, and if he is truthful then some of what he promises you will happen to you, indeed God does not guide an excessive liar
40:29 My people, today the rule is yours, prominent on the land, but who helps us against God's punishment if it comes to us? Pharaoh said: I only point out to you what I observe and I only guide you to the right way
40:30 And the one who believed said: my people, indeed I fear the same (outcome) for you as the day of the coalitions (before you)
40:31 same manner as Noah's people and Aad and Thamud and those after them, and God does not want any injustice for His servants
40:32 And my people, I am afraid of the day of calling one another for you
40:33 a day when you turn back escaping, there is no defender for you against God, and whomever God misguides then there is no guide him
40:34 And certainly Joseph has come to you with the clear proofs in the past, but you did not stop to be in doubt about what he brought you until when he died, you said: God would never send any messenger after him. That is how God misguides anyone who is an excessive doubter
40:35 Those who argue about God’s signs without any reason coming to them, it is greatly hateful in God's view and view of those who believed. That is how God puts a seal on the heart of every arrogant tyrant
40:36 And Pharaoh said: Haman, build me a palace so that I may reach the roads (ways of access to)
40:37 roads of the skies, so that I may look at god of Moses, and I certainly think of him as a liar. And that is how his bad deed was beautified for Pharaoh and he was kept from the (right) way. And Pharaoh’s plot was only a failure
40:38 And the one who believed said: my people, follow me, I guide you to the right way
40:39 My people, this world's life is indeed an enjoyment, and the hereafter is indeed the settlement home (and everlasting home
40:40 Whoever does a bad deed, then he is only punished equal to it, and whoever does good, whether male or female and is a believer then they enter the garden in which they have provision without any limit
40:41 And my people, what is with me that I call you to the salvation and you call me to the fire
40:42 You invite me to disbelieve in God and to associate (partners) with Him what I have no knowledge of, while I invite you to the powerful, the forgiver
40:43 No doubt that there is no calling (and no answer) in the world and in the hereafter for what you call me to it, and that our return is to God, and indeed the excessive ones are inhabitants of the fire
40:44 You are going to remember what I say to you, and I entrust my affair to God. Indeed God sees His servants
40:45 So God protected him from badness of what they plotted, and the bad punishment surrounded people of Pharaoh
40:46 the fire. They are presented to it morning and evening, and on a day that the hour begins (it is said): admit Pharaoh’s people into the most severe punishment
40:47 And when they argue in the fire, then the weak say to those who were arrogant: we were your followers, so would you turn away a portion of the fire from us
40:48 Those who were arrogant say: we are all in it, God has judged between His servants
40:49 And those who are in the fire say to guards of hell: call on your Master to reduce our punishment by a day
40:50 They (the guards) say: did not your messengers bring you the clear proofs? They say: yes. They say: so call, for call of the disbelievers is only a mistake (and is useless)
40:51 We certainly help Our messengers and those who believed in this world's life and on the day that witnesses stand (to testify)
40:52 A day when the wrongdoers would not benefit from their apology and the curse would be theirs and the bad home would be theirs.
40:53 And We have certainly given Moses the guidance (the Torah) and We made children of Israel inherit the book
40:54 a guide and a reminder for the people of understanding (reasonable people)
40:55 So persevere (and be patient), indeed God’s promise is true, and ask forgiveness for your sin, and glorify your Master with praise in the evening and the early morning
40:56 Indeed those who argue about God's signs without any reason coming to them, there is nothing in their chests except (desire for) greatness that they will not reach it. So look for God’s protection as indeed He hears all, sees all
40:57 The creation of the skies and the earth is certainly greater than creation of the people, but most of the people do not know
40:58 The blinds and those who see are not equal, and neither are those who believed and did good works and the bad doer. You take a little notice
40:59 The hour is certainly coming, there is no doubt in it but most people do not believe
40:60 And your Master says: call on Me, I respond to you, indeed those who are arrogant about serving Me are going to enter hell in humiliation
40:61 God is the One who made the night for you to rest in it and the day to see. God is indeed gracious to the people, but most people are not thankful
40:62 That is God your Master, creator of everything, there is no god except Him, so how do you deviate
40:63 That is how those who were rejecting God's signs deviated (from the truth)
40:64 God is the One who made the earth a habitat for you and the sky a structure (to shield you) and He shaped you, and made your shapes well and provided you with good things. That is God your Master, so blessed is God, Master of humankind
40:65 He is the living, there is no god except Him, so call on Him being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the religion. All praise belongs to God, Master of humankind
40:66 Say: I am forbidden to serve those whom you call on besides God since clear proofs came to me from my Master, and I am ordered to submit to the Master of Human kind
40:67 He is the One who created you from dust, then from a fertilized egg, then from a (dangling, clinging, and leach like) blood clot, then He brings you out as a baby, then (He lets) you reach your full maturity (and strength), then you become old while some of you die before that, so that you reach a defined period, and that you may understand
40:68 He is the One who gives life and causes death, and when He decides on an issue, then He just says for it: be, and it will be
40:69 Did you not see how those who argue about God's signs are turned away (from the truth)
40:70 Those who denied the book and what We sent Our messengers with it, they will kno
40:71 when the shackles and the chains are around their necks and they are dragge
40:72 into the boiling water, then they are burned in the fire
40:73 Then it is said to them: where are what you were associating (as partners)
40:74 besides God? They say: they abandoned us, rather we were not calling on anything in the past. That is how God misguides the disbelievers
40:75 That is because you used to rejoice unjustifiably (and excessively) on the earth, and because you used to exuberate
40:76 Enter gates of hell, remaining in there forever, and what a bad place for the arrogant ones
40:77 So persevere (and be patient), indeed God’s promise is true. And whether We show you some of that which We promised them (the punishment) or We make you die (before that), they are returned to Us
40:78 And We have certainly sent messengers before you. We told you stories of some of them and We did not tell you stories of some of them. And it is not (possible) for any messenger to bring a sign (or a miracle) except with God’s permission. So when God’s order comes, it is judged with the truth, and those who falsify lose in there
40:79 God is the One who made the livestock for you so that you ride some of them and you eat some of them
40:80 and there are (other) benefits in them for you, and for you to reach a need that is in your chests (by riding) on them, and you are carried upon them and upon the ships
40:81 And He shows you His signs, so which (one) of God’s signs do you deny
40:82 Did they not travel on the earth to see what the end of those before them was? They were more than them and were more powerful and had more effects (and marks) on the earth, and what they did was of no use to them
40:83 So when their messengers brought them the clear proofs, they were glad with whatever they had from the knowledge, and what they used to ridicule it surrounded them
40:84 So when they saw Our punishment, they said: we believed in God, He is One, and we disbelieved in what we used to associate with Him
40:85 But their belief did not benefit them when they saw Our punishment, (this is) God’s way that has passed among His servants, and the disbelievers lose there


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