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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Qasas (The Story, Stories, The Narrative)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Story, Stories, The Narrative(al-Qasas)
28:1 T. S. M. (Ta. Sin. Mim.
28:2 These are verses of the clear (and clarifying) book
28:3 We read to you from true story of Moses and Pharaoh, for people who believe
28:4 Indeed Pharaoh was high (and mighty) in the land and made his people into sects, weakening a group of them (children of Israel), killing their sons and keeping their women alive. Indeed he was of the corruptors
28:5 And We wanted to do a favor to those who were weak in the land and to make them leaders and to make them the inheritors
28:6 And to establish them (and give them power) in the land and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their troops what they used to fear
28:7 And We revealed to Moses’ mother to nurse him, and when you are afraid for him then throw him in the sea/river and do not be afraid and do not be sad, We bring him back to you and We make him one of the messengers
28:8 Then Pharaoh’s family picked him up, so that he would be an enemy and a sorrow for them. Indeed Pharaoh and Haman and their troops were sinners
28:9 And Pharaoh’s wife said: (he is) joy of eye for me and for you, do not kill him, perhaps he benefits us or we take him as a son, and they did not realize (what they were doing)
28:10 And heart of Moses’ mother became empty (of sorrow or fear or patience). She almost exposed him if We had not strengthened her heart in order to be of the believers
28:11 And she said to his sister: follow him. So she watched him from a distance, while they did not realize
28:12 And We previously prohibited the nursing mothers from him, so she (Moses’ sister) said to them: should I show you a household to take care of him for you and they are well wishers for him
28:13 So we gave him back to his mother to delight her and she would not be sad and so that she knows that God's promise is true, but most of them do not know
28:14 And when he reached his maturity and he settled, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. And that is how We reward the good doers
28:15 And he entered the city when its people were unaware, then he found two men fighting in it, this one from his own sect (Israelite), and that one from his enemy (Egyptian). Then the one from his sect asked for his help against the one from his enemy. So Moses punched him and killed him. He said: this was Satan's work, indeed he is an obvious misguiding enemy
28:16 He said: my Master, indeed I did wrong to myself, so forgive me. So He forgave him. Indeed He is the forgiving, the merciful
28:17 He said: my Master, because of what You favored upon me, I will never be a supporter of the guilty ones
28:18 So he was in the city in the morning afraid and watchful, then all of a sudden the one who asked for his help yesterday cried out for his help (again). Moses told him: indeed, you are certainly an obvious troublemaker
28:19 So when he wanted to attack the one who was enemy of both of them, he said: Moses, do you want to kill me as you killed a person yesterday? You only want to be a bully on the land and you do not want to be of the reformers
28:20 And a man came to him rushing from the far side of the city, saying: Moses, indeed the assembly men are consulting about you to kill you, so get out (immediately), indeed I am of the well wishers for you
28:21 So he went out of it afraid and watchful. He said: my Master, save me from the wrongdoing people
28:22 And when he headed toward Midian, he said: perhaps my Master guides me to the right way
28:23 And when he reached Midian’s water, he found a group of people watering (their animals) from it, and he found two women holding back (their animals) away from them. He said: what do you want? They said: we cannot water (our animals) until the shepherds drive (their animals) away, and our father is a very old man (Shu’aib or Jethro)
28:24 So he watered (their animals) for them, then he went back to the shade and said: my Master, indeed I am in need of whatever good you send down to me
28:25 Then one of the two women came to him walking bashfully, and said: my father invites you to pay your wage for watering for us. So when he came up to him and told him the story, he said: do not be afraid, you are safe from the wrongdoing people
28:26 One of two women said: my father, hire him, indeed the best one you want to hire is the strong and the honest
28:27 He said: I want to marry off one of my two daughters to you, on condition that you work for me eight years, and if you complete ten, it is of your own choice, and I do not want to make it difficult for you, God willing, you are going to find me of the righteous
28:28 He (Moses) said: this is (an agreement) between me and you, whichever of the two periods I complete, there should be no hostility against me, and God is the trustee over what we say.
28:29 So when Moses completed the term and was traveling with his family, he noticed a fire from the side of the mountain (Mount Sinai). He said to his family: wait, I noticed a fire, maybe I can bring some news from it, or a piece of fire so you may warm yourselves
28:30 So when he came up to it, he was called from the tree in a blessed spot on the right side of the valley: Moses, indeed I am God, Master of humankind
28:31 throw down your cane. So when he saw it moving as if it was a serpent, he turned back running away and he did not look back. (He was told: ) Moses, come close and do not be afraid, indeed you are of the ones in safety
28:32 Insert your hand into opening of your shirt, it comes out white without any disease, and press your arm to yourself (to be free) from the fear. These are two proofs from your Master for Pharaoh and his assembly. They are indeed disobedient people
28:33 He said: my Master, I killed one of them, so I am afraid that they kill me
28:34 And my brother Aaron, he is more eloquent in language than me, so send him with me as a support to confirm me, indeed I am afraid that they deny me
28:35 He (God) said: We are going to strengthen your arm with your brother, and We give you both a reason so they would not touch either of you, and because of Our miracles you two and those who follow you are the winners
28:36 So when Moses came up to them with Our clear miracles, they said: this is nothing but fabricated magic, and we did not hear of this from our forefathers
28:37 And Moses said: my Master knows best who brought the guidance from Him, and who has the final home, indeed the wrongdoers would not succeed
28:38 And Pharaoh said: counselors, I do not know of any god for you other than me, so Haman light me a fire for me over the clay (to bake bricks), then make me a palace so I may look at god of Moses, and indeed I think of him as one of the liars
28:39 And he and his troops were unjustifiably arrogant on the land, and they assumed that they would not be returned to Us
28:40 So We took him and his troops, then We threw them into the sea. So see what the end of the wrongdoers was
28:41 And We made them leaders, inviting (people) to the fire, and they will not be helped on the resurrection day
28:42 And We made a curse follow them in this world, and on the resurrection day they are among the ugly ones
28:43 And We have certainly given Moses the book, after We destroyed the earlier generations, an insight and a guide and a mercy for the people, so that they may take notice
28:44 And you were not on the western side (of the mountain) when We issued the order to Moses and you were not of the witnesses
28:45 And We created generations (after Moses) and life was lengthened for them. And you were not staying among people of Midian to read Our signs to them, but We are the sender (of messengers)
28:46 And you were not on the side of the mountain (Mount Sinai) when We called (Moses), but this is a mercy from your Master to warn a people whom a warner did not come to them before you, so they may take notice
28:47 And if they suffer a tragedy because of what their hands sent ahead (what they did), then they say: our Master, why did You not send us a messenger so we follow Your signs and we become of the believers
28:48 Then when the truth came to them from Us, they said: why was he not given (miracles) like what Moses was given? Did they not previously disbelieve in what was given to Moses? They said: two magic (Torah and Quran) backing each other up. And they said: indeed we are disbelievers to all
28:49 Say: if you are truthful, then bring a book from God which is a better guide than them that I follow it, if you are truthful
28:50 So if they did not answer you, then know that they only follow their desires (and opinions). And who is more mistaken than someone who follows his desire (and opinion) without guidance from God? Indeed God does not guide the wrongdoing people
28:51 And We have certainly connected the word for them so they may take notice
28:52 Those whom We gave them the book before it, they believe in it
28:53 And when it is read to them they say: we believed in it, indeed it is the truth from our Master, indeed we were submitted before it
28:54 They are given their reward twice because of what they persevered, and they counter the badness with the goodness and they spend (in charity) from what We provide them
28:55 And when they hear useless (talk) they stay away from it and say: our deeds for us and your deeds for you, peace (and well-being) upon you, we do not want (to have anything to do with) the ignorant ones
28:56 Indeed you cannot guide anyone you like, but God guides anyone He wants, and He knows best who the guided ones are
28:57 And they said: if we follow the guidance with you, we will be taken away from our land. Did We not establish them in a safe sanctuary, to which fruits of everything are brought as provision from Us? But most of them do not know
28:58 And how many a town did We destroy that rejoiced (excessively) in their livelihood (and wealth)? So those are their houses, uninhabited after them, except a few. And We are the inheritors
28:59 And your Master is not destroyer of the towns until He raises a messenger in their center, reading them Our signs. And We are not destroyer of the towns unless their people are wrongdoers
28:60 And everything you are given is enjoyment of this world’s life and its decoration (and luxuries), and whatever (reward) is with God is better and more lasting. Do you not understand
28:61 Is someone whom We promised him a good promise and he meets it, the same as someone whom We made him enjoy the enjoyments of this world’s life, then on the resurrection day he is among the summoned ones?
28:62 On a day that He calls them out and He says: where are My partners, the ones you were claiming
28:63 Those against whom the word (of punishment) is justified, say: our Master, these are the ones whom we misled, we misled them as we were misled, we clear ourselves (from them) before You, they were not serving us
28:64 And it is said: call on your partners (of God). So they call them, but they do answer them and they see the punishment, (and they wish) if only they were guided
28:65 And on a day that He calls them out, then He says: what did you answer the messengers
28:66 On that day the information is unclear to them, so they do not (even) ask each other
28:67 As for anyone who repented and believed and did good work, perhaps he will be of the successful ones
28:68 And your Master creates what He wants and He chooses (what He wants). There is no choice for them. God is flawless and is above what they associate (with Him)
28:69 And your Master knows what their chests hide and what they disclose
28:70 And He is God, there is no god except Him, all praise in the first (this life) and the last (the hereafter) belongs to Him, and the command (and making rules) belongs to Him, and you are returned to Him
28:71 Say: what do you think if God makes the night continuous over you until the resurrection day, what god other than God brings you light? Do you not listen
28:72 Say: what do you think if God makes the day continuous over you until the resurrection day, what god other than God brings you night to rest in it? Do you not see
28:73 And He made the night and the day for you by His mercy in order for you to rest in it and to pursue His bounty, and you may be thankful
28:74 On a day when He calls them out, then He says: where are My partners, those whom you were claiming
28:75 And We pull out a witness from every group, then We say: bring your proof. Then they will know that the truth belongs to God, and what they used to make up abandoned them
28:76 Indeed Qarun was from people of Moses, and he was unjust against them. And We gave him (so much) of the treasures that its keys was too heavy for a bunch of strong men. When his people said to him: do not be overjoyed, indeed God does not like those who are overjoyed
28:77 and pursue the home of the hereafter by what God gave you, and do not forget your share of the world, and do good as God did good to you, and do not pursue corruption in the land, indeed God does not like the corruptors
28:78 He said: it was only given to me because of my knowledge. Did he not know that God has destroyed (many) generations before him that were stronger than him and more than him in collecting (wealth)? And the guilty ones are not questioned about their sins
28:79 Then (one day) he came out to his people (dressed) in his jewelry. Those who wanted this world’s life said: we wish we had the same as what was given to Qarun, indeed he has a great fortune
28:80 And those who were given the knowledge said: woe to you, God’s reward for anyone who believes and does good works is better, and none gets it except those who persevere
28:81 So We sank him and his house down in the earth, then he had no body to help him other than God, and he could not help/defend himself
28:82 And those who desired his position in the day before began to say: wow, it seems like God increases and decreases the provision for anyone of His servants that He wants, and if it was not for God’s favor upon us He would have sunk us down (in the earth), wow, it seems like the disbelievers would not succeed
28:83 That is the home of the hereafter, We made it for those who do not want superiority on the earth or corruption. And the end belongs to those who control themselves
28:84 Anyone who comes with the good (deed) then he has a better (reward) than that, and anyone who comes with the bad (deed) then those who did bad deed are only punished for what they used to do
28:85 Indeed the One who mandated the Quran to you, certainly brings you back to place of return. Say: my Master knows best anyone who brought the guidance and anyone who is in obvious error
28:86 And you did not hope (or expect) that the book be passed on to you except as a mercy from your Master, so do not be a supporter for the disbelievers
28:87 And do not let them turn you away from God’s signs after it was sent down to you, and invite (people) to your Master, and do not be of the polytheists
28:88 And do not call on another god with God, there is no god except Him. Everything perishes except His essence (and His being). The command (and making rules) belongs to Him, and you are returned to Him


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