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ه و ى
General Root Meaning
to fall steep as a bird to its prey, rev, perish, pull down, destroy, disappear, yearn, fancy, beguile, infatuate, be blown, inspire with low passion, desires/fancies.
   ahwāa   (2)

Say, "Bring forward your witnesses, those who testify that Allah prohibited this." Then if they testify then (do) not testify with them. And (do) not follow (the) desires (of) those who denied Our Signs and those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter, while they with their Lord set up equals.

Then We put you on an ordained way of the matter; so follow it and (do) not follow (the) desires (of) those who (do) not know.

Say, "O People (of) the Book! (Do) not exceed in your religion other than the truth, and (do) not follow (vain) desires (of) a people certainly who went astray from before, and they misled many, and they have strayed from (the) right [the] way.

   ahwāakum   (1)

Say, "Indeed I [I] am forbidden that I worship those whom you call from besides Allah." Say, "Not I follow your (vain) desires, certainly I would go astray then, and not I (would be) from the guided-ones."

   ahwāahum   (2)

And never will be pleased with you the Jews and [not] the Christians until you follow their religion. Say, "Indeed, (the) Guidance (of) Allah, it (is) the Guidance." And if you follow their desires after what has come to you of the knowledge, not for you from Allah any protector and not any helper.

And even if you come (to) those who were given the Book with all (the) signs, not they would follow your direction of prayer, and not (will) you (be) a follower (of) their direction of prayer And not some of them (are) followers (of the) direction of prayer (of each) other. And if you followed their desires from after [what] came to you of the knowledge, indeed, you (would) then (be) surely among the wrongdoers.

And thus We have revealed it (to be) a judgment of authorit (in) Arabic. And if you follow their desires after what came to you of the knowledge, not for you against Allah any protector and not defender.

But if (had) followed the truth their desires, surely (would) have been corru the heavens and the earth and whoever (is) therein. Nay, We have brought them their reminder, but they, from their reminder, (are) turning away.

But if not they respond to you, then know that only they follow their desires. And who (is) more astray than (one) who follows his own desire without guidance from Allah? Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people - the wrongdoers.

Nay, follow those who do wrong, their desires, without knowledge. Then who (can) guide (one) whom has let go astray Allah? And not for them any helpers.

So to that then invite, and stand firm as you are commanded and (do) not follow their desires, but say, "I believe in what has sent down Allah of (the) Book, and I am commanded that I do justice between you. Allah (is) our Lord and your Lord. For us our deeds and for you your deeds. (There is) no argument between us and between you. Allah will assemble [between] us, and to Him (is) the final return."

Then is (he) who is on a clear proof from his Lord like (he) who, is made attractive to him (the) evil (of) his deeds while they follow their desires.

And among them (are some) who listen to you, until when they depart from you, they say to those who were given the knowledge, "What (has) he said just now?" Those - (are) the ones has set a seal Allah upon their hearts and they follow their desires.

And they denied and followed their desires, but (for) every matter (will be a) settlement.

And We revealed to you the Book in [the] truth, confirming what (was) between his hands of the Book and a guardian over it. So judge between them by what has revealed Allah, and (do) not follow their vain desires when has come to you of the truth. For each We have made for you a law and a clear way. And if (had) willed Allah He (would have) made you a community one, [and] but to test you in what He (has) given you, so race (to) the good. To Allah you will return all. then He will inform you of what you were concerning it differing.

And that you judge between them by what (has) revealed Allah and (do) not follow their vain desires and beware of them lest they tempt you away from some (of) what has revealed Allah to you. And if they turn away then know that only intends Allah to afflict them for some (of) their sins. And indeed, many of the people (are) defiantly disobedient.

   ahwā   (1)

And the overturned cities He overthrew

   is'tahwathu   (1)

Say, "Shall we call from besides Allah what not benefits us and not harms us, and we turn back on our heels after [when] has guided us Allah? Like the one whom has enticed the Shaitaan in the earth, confused, he has companions who call him towards the guidance, 'Come to us.'" Say, "Indeed, (the) Guidance (of) Allah, it (is) the Guidance, and we have been commanded that we submit to (the) Lord (of) the worlds

   l-hawā   (2)

O you who believe[d]! Be custodians of justice (as) witnesses to Allah, even if (it is) against yourselves or the parents and the relatives. if he be rich or poor, for Allah (is) nearer to both of them. So (do) not follow the desire lest you deviate. And if you distort or refrain, then indeed, Allah is of what you do All-Aware.

"O Dawood! Indeed, We [We] have made you a vicegerent in the earth, so judge between [the] men in truth and (do) not follow the desire, for it will lead you astray from (the) way (of) Allah. Indeed, those who go astray from (the) way (of) Allah, for them (is) a punishment severe because they forgot (the) Day (of) Account."

And not he speaks from the desire.

But as for (him) who feared standing (before) his Lord, and restrained his soul from the vain desires,

   bi-ahwāihim   (1)

And what for you that not you eat of what has been mentioned (the) name (of) Allah on it, when indeed, He (has) explained in detail to you what He (has) forbidden to you except what you are compelled to it. And indeed, many surely lead astray by their (vain) desires without knowledge. Indeed, your Lord, He (is) most knowing of the transgressors.

   tahwā   (2)

And indeed We gave Musa the Book and We followed up from after him with [the] Messengers. And We gave Isa, (the) son (of) Maryam, [the] clear signs and We supported him (with) Spirit Holy Is it (not) so (that) whenever came to you a Messenger with what (does) not desire yourselves, you acted arrogantly? So a party you denied, and a party you kill(ed).

Not they (are) except names you have named them, you and your forefathers, not has sent down Allah for it any authority. Not they follow except assumption and what desire the(ir) souls. And certainly has come to them from their Lord the guidance.

Certainly We took a Covenant (from the) Children (of) Israel and We sent to them Messengers. Whenever came to them any Messenger with what not desired their souls, a group they denied and a group they kill.

   tahwī   (2)

Being upright to Allah, not associating partners with Him. And whoever associates partners with Allah then (it is) as though he had fallen from the sky and (had) snatched him the birds, or had blown him the wind to a place far off.

Our Lord! Indeed, I [I] have settled (some) of my offsprings in a valley not with cultivation near Your House, Sacred. our Lord! That they may establish the prayers. So make hearts of the men incline towards them, and provide them with the fruits so that they may be grateful.

   hāwiyatun   (1)

His abode (will be the) Pit.

   hawāon   (1)

Racing ahead, raised up their heads, not returning towards them their gaze, and their hearts (are) empty.

   hawāhu   (4)

And if We willed surely, We (could) have raised with these [and] but he adhered to the earth and followed his (vain) desires. So his example (is) like (the) example (of) the dog, if you attack [on] him, he lolls out his tongue or if you leave him, he lolls out his tongue. That (is the) example (of) the people who denied [in] Our Signs. So relate the story so that they may reflect.

Have you seen (he) who takes (as) his god his desire and lets him go astray Allah on knowingly, and He sets a seal upon his hearing and his heart and puts over his vision a veil? Then who will guide him from after Allah? Then will not you receive admonition?

And be patient, yourself, with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Face. And (let) not pass beyond your eyes over them, desiring adornment (of) the life (of) the world, and (do) not obey whom We have made heedless his heart of Our remembrance, and follows his desires and is his affair (in) excess.

So (do) not (let) avert you from it (one) who (does) not believe in it and follows his desires, lest you perish.

Have you seen (one) who takes (as) his god his own desire? Then would you be over him a guardian?

But if not they respond to you, then know that only they follow their desires. And who (is) more astray than (one) who follows his own desire without guidance from Allah? Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people - the wrongdoers.

   hawā   (2)

Eat of (the) good things which We have provided you and (do) not transgress therein, lest should descend upon you My Anger. And whoever descends on whom My Anger, indeed, he (has) perished.

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