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ز ى ن
General Root Meaning
To adorn, deck. Adorn, grace, honor [said of an action, quality, or saying]. Embellished, dressed, or trimmed it [relating to language]. Adorned [ex. The earth, or land, became adorned with or by it's herbage], ornamented, decorated, decked, bedecked, garnished, embellished, beautified, or graced him/it. Of language it is said: ""It was embellished, dressed up, or trimmed"". Of action it is said: ""It was embellished, dressed up""; i.e. commended to a person by another man. A grace, a beauty, a comely quality, a physical/intellectual adornment, an honour or a credit, and anything that is the pride or glory of a person or a thing. A thing that does not disgrace or render unseemly a wise man in any of his states or conditions, either in the present world or in that which is to come. It [states] are of three kinds: Mental: Such as knowledge/science and good tenants. Bodily: Strength, tallness of stature, beauty of aspect. Extrinsic: Wealth, rank or station, dignity.
Zayyana (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. II.): He made to seem fair
Zayyannaa (prf. 1st p. plu. II.): We made someone seem fair, adorned
Uzayyinanna (imp. 1st p. sing.): I will surely make fair-seeming
Zuyyina (pp. 3rd p.m. sing. II.): He is made to seem fair
Izzayyanat (prf. 3rd p.f. sing. V.): She became adorned, received excellent adornment, ornature. It is from Tazayyanat. V.
Ziinat (n.): Illumination; Adornment