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ز ع م
General Root Meaning
to assert/claim/allege, the conveyor, to convey, to promise, assertion, responsible/answerable/amenable, to make covet or eagerly desire.
Za'ama (prf. 3rd p.m. sing.): He claimed, asserted.
Za'amta (prf. 1st p. sing): You claimed, asserted
Za'amtum (prf. 2nd p.m. plu.): You claimed, asserted
Taz'umuuna (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You asserted
Yaz'umuuna (imp. 3rd p. m. plu.): They asserted
Za'mun (n.): Assertation
Za'iimun (act.2. pic. m. sing.): Responsible; Surety; Guarantee.