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ظ ل م
General Root Meaning
zalama perf. 3rd. m. sing. he wronged
zalamtu perf. 1st. sing. i wronged
zalamuu perf. 3rd. m. pl. they wronged
zalamtum perf. 2nd. m. pl. you wronged
Zalima - To be dark, obscure. To give shade [shelter, protection]. A thing that covers, protects, [or shades] one, overhead.
Zalama - To do wrong or evil, treat unjustly, ill-treat, oppress, harm, suppress, tyrannize, misuse, act wrongfully, deprive anyone of a right, misplace, injure, be oppressive, be guilty of injustice, act wickedly, be wanting in or fail. [P. 1920-23. Lanes; P. 351-52. QD]