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و ت ر
General Root Meaning
to suffer loss, defraud, hate, render odd, harass, do mischief, render any one solitary, be single.
Yatira (impf. 3rd. p. m. sing. acc.): He will let suffer, will let go to waste, will bring to naught, will deprive.
Witrun (v.n. sing.): Odd, that which is not even.
Tatra (n.): one after another, successively.
   tatrā   (1)

Then We sent Our Messengers (in) succession. Every time that came (to) a nation its Messenger, they denied him, so We made (them) follow - some of them others, and We made them narrations. So away with a people - not they believe.

   wal-watri   (1)

And the even and the odd,

   yatirakum   (1)

So (do) not weaken and call for peace while you (are) superior, and Allah (is) with you and never will deprive you (of) your deeds.

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