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و د ع
General Root Meaning
to leave/depart/forsake/overlook/disregard, place/deposit.
da' (prt. m. sing.): leave, overlook.
Wadda'a (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing.): left, forsaken.
Mustauda'un (n. p. X): depositary, temporary sojourn, resting place.
   waddaʿaka   (1)

Not has forsaken you your Lord and not He is displeased,

   wadaʿ   (1)

And (do) not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and disregard their harm, and put your trust in Allah. And sufficient is Allah (as) a Trustee.

   wamus'tawdaʿun   (1)

And He (is) the One Who (has) produced you from a soul single, so (there is) a place of dwell and a resting place. Certainly, We have made clear the Signs for a people (who) understand.

   wamus'tawdaʿahā   (1)

And not any moving creature in the earth but on Allah (is) its provision. And He knows its dwelling place and its place of storage. All (is) in a Record clear.

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