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و ض ع
General Root Meaning
he put it or laid it in/on a place, put it or threw it down from his hand, opposite of Ra-Fa-Ayn, put down a thing, brought forth, to appoint, to impose/remit, give over, relinquish, lowered his grade/rank/condition, suffer loss, did not gain in it, lowered/humbled, depository, the proper place of a thing.
Wadza'a (prf. 3rd. m. sing. ): Set up put.
Wadza'at (3rd. f sing.): She gave birth.
Wadza'ta (prf. 1st. p. sing.): I gave birth.
Wadz'naa (prf. 1st. p. plu.): We relieved, took off, lifted, removed.
Tadz'au (imp. 3rd. p. f sing.): She shall lay down, miscarry (child).
Tadz'uuna (imp. 2nd. p. plu.): Ye lay aside, put off.
Tadza'uu (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu. acc. n. d.): That ye lay aside (arms).
Nadzu' (imp.lst. p. plu.): We shall set aside.
Yadz'au (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): He will remove or relieve.
Yadz'ana (imp. 3rd. p. f. plu.): They (f.) put off or lay aside.
Wudzl'a (pp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): They appointed, founded, set up, raised.
Maudzuu'atun (pic. pac. f sing.): Properly set; Ready; Placed ones.
Audz'au (prf. 3rd. p. m. plu.): They hurried, moved about hurriedly.
Mawaadz'iu (n. place): Places; Context.