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و ع ظ
General Root Meaning
to admonish, exhort, preach, advise, warn, remind of that which should soften the heart by the mention of reward or punishment, give good advice or counsel, remind of the result of affairs, exhort which leads to repentance and reformation.
Ya'izuu (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): He exhorts, admonishes.
A'izu (imp. 1st. p. sing.): I admonish.
Ta'izuuna (imp. 2nd. p. m. sing.): Ye admonish.
'Iz (prt. m. sing.): Ye admonish.
'Izuu (prt. m. plu.): Ye admonish.
Yua'azu (pip. 3rd. m. sing.): Is admonished.
Yuu'azuuna (pip. 3rd. m. plu.): They are admonished to.
Waa'iziina (act. pic. m. plu.): Those who admonish; Preachers.
Mau'izatun (n): Admonition.
Au'zata (IV. prf. 2nd. p. sing.): Thou admonished.