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و ع د
General Root Meaning
to promise, give one's word, threaten, promise good, threaten (depending on context).
Wa'ada act (pr.f 3rd. p. m. sing.): He promised.
Wa'adta (prf. 2nd. p. m. sing.): Thou promised.
Wa'adtu (prf. 1st. p. m. sing.): I promised.
Wa'aduu (prf. 3rd. p. plu.): They promised.
Wa'adna (prf. 1st. p. m.): We promise.
Ya'idu (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): He promises, threatens.
'Id (prt. m. sing.): promise.
Wu'ida (pp. 3rd. p. sing.): Has been promised.
Yuu'aduuna (pip. 3rd. p. plu.): They were threatened.
Tu'aduuna (pip. 2nd. p. plu.) You are promised, are threatened.
Mau'uud (pic. pact. n. sing.): Promised.
Tuu'aduuna (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu. II.): (Punishment which) you are promised.
Waa'adna (imp. 1st. p. plu. III.): We made an appointment, a promise.
Tawaa'dtum (prf. 2nd. p. m. plu.): Ye have mutually appointed.
Laa Tawaa'duu (prt. neg. m.plu.): Do not appoint mutually; Make no agreement or promises.
Wa'iid (act. 2nd. pic. m. sing.): Threatening; Threat; Warning.
Mau'idan (n. place): Time; Place or time of the fulfilment of a prediction; Promise or warning; Appointment for meeting a promise.
Mii'aad (for Miu'aad; n. place): Time; Time or place of the promise.