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ذ ك ر
General Root Meaning
to remember/commemorate/recollect, study in order to remember, remind, bear in mind, mindful, mention/tell/relate, magnify/praise, admonish/warn (e.g. dhikra is the 2nd declenation and it is stronger than dhikr), preach, extol, give status.
nobility/eminence/honour, fame, good report, cause of good reputation, means of exaltation.
Male/man/masculine (dhakar, dual - dhakarain, plural - dhukur).

Dhakara (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He remembered.
Dhakaruu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They remembered.
Dhakarta (prf. 2nd. p. m. sing.): Thou remembered.
Yadhkuru (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): He remembers.
Tadhkuru (imp. 2nd. p.m. sing.): Thou remember.
Yadhkuruu/ Yadhkuruuna (acc./imp. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They remember.
Adhkuru (nom. imp. 1st. p. sing.): I remember.
'An Adhkura (acc. imp. 1st. plu. sing.): That I remember.
Nadhkuru (imp. 1st. p. plu.): We remember.
Udhkur (prt. 2nd. p. m. sing.): Thou remember.
Udhkuruu (prt. 2nd. p. m. plu.): Remember! You people.
Udhkurna (prt. 2nd. p. f. plu.): Remember! O you.
Dhukira (pp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): Is mentioned.
Yudhakru (pip. 3rd. p. m. sing.): Is mentioned.
Dhukkira (pp. 3rd. p. m. sing. II.): Is mentioned; reminded; admonished.
Dhukkirtum (pp. 2nd. p. m. plu. II.): You are admonished, reminded.
Dhakkir (prt. 2nd. p. m. sing. II.): Admonish!
Tadhakkara (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing. V.): Take heed, receive admonition.
Yatadhakkaru (imp. 3rd. p. m. plu.): They receive admonition, take heed.
Tadhakkaruuna/Tatadhakkaruuna (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu. V.): You receive admonition.
Idhdhakara (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing. VIII.): He recalled to his mind, remembered.
Yadhdhakkaru (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing. VIII.): He receives admonition, take heed.
Yadhdhakkaruun (imp. 3rd. p. m. plu. VIII.): They take heed.
Yadhdhakkaruu (acc. imp. 3rd. p.m. plu. final nuun dropped, VIII.): (That) they (may) take heed:
Dhikraa (n.f.): Admonition, recollection.
Dhikrun/Dhikran (nom./acc.): Mention; account; remembrance; reminder.
Tadhkiratun (n.): Admonisher; means to rise to eminence.
Tadhkiir (v.n. II.): Admonishment; reminding.
Dhaakiriin (act. pic. m. plu. acc.): Mindful men; those who remember.
Dhaakiraat (act. pic. f. plu.): Mindful women.
Muddakir (ap-der. VIII. dzaal changed to daal.): One who will mind, take heed.
Mudhakkir (ap-der. II.): Admonisher.
Madhkuur (pact. pic. m. sing.): Mentionable; worth mentioning.
Dhakarun (n.): Male; man; masculine.
Dhakarain (n. dual. acc.): Two males.
Dhukraan (n. plu.): Males.