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ذ ء ب
General Root Meaning
to collect/gather, expel, despise, urge, frighten.
Be as wicked/crafty as a wolf, wolf, dog of the dessert.
Loud howl/cry/sound, quicken in journey.
State of commotion/fluctuation.
   l-dhi'bu   (2)

He said, "Indeed, [I] it surely saddens me that you should take him and I fear that would eat him a wolf while you of him (are) unaware."

They said, "If eats him the wolf while we (are) a group, indeed, we then surely (would be) losers."

They said, "O our father! Indeed, we [we] went racing each other and we left Yusuf with our possessions, and ate him the wolf. But not you (will) believe us, even if we are truthful."

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