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ث م ن
General Root Meaning
to take the eighth part of any ones goods, divide into eight, eight, eighteen, eighty.
   l-thumunu   (1)

And for you (is) half (of) what (is) left by your wives if not is for them a child. But if is for them a child, then for you (is) the fourth of what they left, from after any will they have made [for which] or any debt. And for them (is) the fourth of what you left, if not is for you a child. But if is for you a child, then for them (is) the eighth of what you left from after any will you have made [for which] or any debt. And if [is] a man (whose wealth) is to be inheri (has) no parent or child or a women and for him (is) a brother or a sister, then for each one of (the) two (is) the sixth. But if they are more than that, then they (are) partners in the third, from after any will was made [for which] or any debt without (being) harmful. An ordinance from Allah. And Allah (is) All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.

   bithamanin   (1)

And they sold him for a price very low, dirhams few, and they were about him of those keen to give up.

   thamāniya   (1)

He said, "Indeed, I [I] wish to marry you to one (of) my daughters (of) these two on that you serve me, (for) eight years; but if you complete ten, then from you. And not I wish to make it difficult for you. You will find me, if wills, Allah of the righteous."

   thamāniyatun   (1)

And the Angels (will be) on its edges, and will bear (the) Throne (of) your Lord above them, that Day, eight.

   thamāniyata   (1)

Eight pairs - of the sheep, two and of the goats two. Say, "(Are) the two males He has forbidden or the two females or what contains [in it] (the) wombs (of) the two females? Inform me with knowledge, if you are truthful."

He created you from a soul single. Then He made from it its mate. And He sent down for you of the cattle eight kinds. He creates you in (the) wombs (of) your mothers, creation from after creation, in darkness[es] three. That (is) Allah your Lord; for Him (is) the dominion. (There is) no god except He. Then how are you turning away?

   thamānīna   (1)

And those who accuse the chaste women, then not they bring four witnesses, then flog them (with) eighty lashe(s) and (do) not accept their testimony ever. And those, they (are) the defiantly disobedien

   thamanan   (3)

So woe to those who write the book with their (own) hands then, they say, "This (is) from Allah," to barter with it (for) a price little. So woe to them for what have written their hands and woe to them for what they earn.

Indeed, those who exchange (the) Covenant (of) Allah and their oaths (for) a price little, those - no share for them in the Hereafter and not will speak to them Allah and not look at them (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection and not purify them, and for them (is) a punishment painful.

And when took Allah a Covenant (from) those who were given the Book, "You certainly make it clear to the mankind and (do) not conceal it. Then they threw it behind their backs and they exchanged [with] it (for) a price little. And wretched (is) what they purchase.

And indeed, among (the) People (of) the Book (are those) who believe in Allah and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to them - humbly submissive to Allah. Not (do) they exchange [with] (the) Verses (of) Allah (for) a price little. Those, for them, their reward (is) with their Lord. Indeed, Allah (is) swift (in taking) the account.

Indeed, We revealed the Taurat in it (was) Guidance and light; judged by it the Prophets, those who had submitted (to Allah) for those who were Jews, and the Rabbis, and the scholars, with what they were entrusted of (the) Book (of) Allah and they were to it witnesses. So (do) not fear the people but fear Me, and (do) not sell My Verses (for) a price, little. And whoever (does) not judge by what has revealed Allah, then those [they] (are) the disbelievers.

They exchange [with] the Verses (of) Allah (for) a price little, and they hinder (people) from His way. Indeed, evil (is) what they used to do.

And (do) not exchange the covenant (of) Allah, (for) a price little. Indeed, what (is) with Allah, it (is) better for you if you were (to) know.

Indeed, those who conceal what (has) revealed Allah (has) of the Book, and they purchase there with a gain little. Those, not they eat in their bellies except the Fire. And not will speak to them Allah (on the) Day (of) [the] Judgment and not will He purify them, and for them (is) a punishment painful.

And believe in what I have sent down confirming that which (is) with you, and (do) not be (the) first disbeliever of it. And (do) not exchange My Signs (for) a price small, and Me Alone fear [Me].

O you who believe! (Take) testimony among you when approaches one of you [the] death, (at the) time (of making) [the] a will two men, just, among you, or two others from other than you if you (are) travel(ing) in the earth then befalls you calamity (of) [the] death. Detain both of them from after the prayer and let them both swear by Allah if you doubt, "Not we will exchange it for a price even if he is (of) a near relative, and not we will conceal testimony (of) Allah. Indeed, we then (will) surely (be) of the sinners."

   wathāminuhum   (1)

They say, (they were) three, the forth of them their dog; and they say (they were) five the sixth of them their dog - guessing about the unseen; and they say, (they were) seven and the eight of them their dog. Say, "My Lord, knows best their number. None knows them except a few. So (do) not argue about them except (with) an argument obvious, and (do) not inquire about them among them (from) anyone."

   wathamāniyata   (1)

Which He imposed upon them (for) seven nights and eight days (in) succession, so you would see the people therein fallen as if they were trunks (of) date-palms hollow.

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