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ث ب ت
General Root Meaning
to be firm/steadfast/constant/established, remain in (a place), preserve in doing, to continue/endure.
thabbata - to strengthen/fasten/consolidate.
thubuut - steadfastness, stability, firmly planted.
thaabit - remaining firmly fixed, firm, steadfast.
thabbata - to confirm/establish, steadfast.
tathbiit - confirmation, establishment.
athbataa - to confirm, keep in bonds, confine, restrain (e.g. from doing a deed). To render something true or valid, to declare something obligatory, permanence, certainty, a state of being established.
   l-thābiti   (1)

keeps firm Allah those who believe with word the firm in the life (of) the world and in the Hereafter. And lets go astray Allah the wrongdoers. And does Allah what He wills.

   tathbītan   (1)

And if [that] We (had) decreed on them that, "Kill yourselves" or "Go forth from your homes," not they would have done it except a few of them. But if [that] they had done what they were advised with [it], surely (it) would have been better for them and stronger strengthen(ing).

   thābitun   (1)

Do not you see how sets forth Allah the example, a word good (is) like a tree good, its root (is) firm and its branches (are) in the sky?

   thabbatnāka   (1)

And if not [that] We (had) strengthened you, certainly, you almost (would) have inclined to them (in) something a little.

   thubūtihā   (1)

And (do) not take your oaths (as) a deception between you, lest, should slip a foot after it is firmly planted, and you would taste the evil for what you hindered from (the) way (of) Allah and for you (is) a punishment great.

   fa-uth'butū   (1)

O you who believe! When you meet a force, then be firm and remember Allah much, so that you may (be) successful.

   fathabbitū   (1)

When inspired your Lord to the Angels, "I am with you, so strengthen those who believed. I will cast in (the) hearts (of) those who disbelieved - the terror, so strike above the necks and strike from them every fingertip[s]."

   linuthabbita   (1)

And said those who disbelieve, "Why not was revealed to him the Quran all at once?" Thus, that We may strengthen thereby your heart, and We have recited it (with distinct) recitation.

   liyuthabbita   (1)

Say, "Has brought it down Spirit the Holy from your Lord in truth, to make firm those who believe and (as) a guidance and glad tidings to the Muslims."

   liyuth'bitūka   (1)

And when plotted against you those who disbelieved that they restrain you or kill you or drive you out. And they were planning and (also) was planning Allah. And Allah is (the) Best (of) the Planners.

   nuthabbitu   (1)

And each, We relate to you of (the) news (of) the Messengers (for) that We may make firm with it your heart. And has come to you in this the truth and an admonition and a reminder for the believers.

   watathbītan   (1)

And (the) example (of) those who spend their wealth seeking (the) pleasure (of) Allah, and certainty from their (inner) souls, (is) like a garden on a height, fell on it heavy rain so it yielded its harvest double. Then if (does) not fall (on) it heavy rain, then a drizzle. And Allah of what you do (is) All-Seer.

   wathabbit   (1)

And when they went forth to (face) Jalut and his troops they said, "Our Lord! Pour on us patience and make firm our feet, and help us against the people (who are) disbelieving."

And not were their words except that they said, "Our Lord forgive for us our sins and our excesses in our affairs and make firm our feet and give us victory over [the people] the disbelievers."

   wayuthabbita   (1)

When He covered you with [the] slumber, a security from Him, and sent down upon you from the sky water, so that He may purify you with it, and take away from you evil (suggestions) (of) the Shaitaan. And to strengthen [on] your hearts and make firm with it your feet.

   wayuthabbit   (1)

O you who believe! If you help Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet.

   wayuth'bitu   (1)

eliminates Allah what He wills, and confirms, and with Him (is) the Mother (of) the Book.

   yuthabbitu   (1)

keeps firm Allah those who believe with word the firm in the life (of) the world and in the Hereafter. And lets go astray Allah the wrongdoers. And does Allah what He wills.

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