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ط ى ن
General Root Meaning
to plaster with clay or mud, clay/mud.
   l-ṭīni   (2)

And (make him) a Messenger to (the) Children (of) Israel, "Indeed, I [surely] [I] (have) come (to) you with a sign from your Lord that I [I] design for you from [the] clay like the form (of) the bird, then I breath into it and it becomes a bird by (the) permission (of) Allah. And I cure the blind, and the leper, and I give life (to) the dead by (the) permission (of) Allah. And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed, in that (is) surely a sign for you, if you are believers.

When said Allah, "O Isa, son (of) Maryam! Remember My Favor upon you and upon your mother when I strengthened you with (the) Spirit, the Holy, you spoke (to) the people in the cradle and (in) maturity. And when I taught you the Book and the wisdom and the Taurat and the Injeel; and when you make from the clay like the shape (of) the bird by My permission then you breath into it and it becomes a bird by My permission, and you heal the born blind and the leper by My permission, and when you bring forth the dead by My permission. And when I restrained (the) Children (of) Israel from you when you came to them with the clear proofs then said those who disbelieved among them "Not this but magic, clear."

And said Firaun "O chiefs! Not I know for you any god other than me. So kindle for me O Haman! Upon the clay and make, for me a lofty tower so that [I] I may look at (the) God (of) Musa. And indeed, I [I] think that he (is) of the liars."

   ṭīnin   (2)

Then ask them, "Are they a stronger creation or (those) whom We have created?" Indeed, We created them from a clay sticky.

He (is) the One Who created you from clay then He decreed a term - and a term specified with Him, yet you doubt.

(Allah) said, "What prevented you that not you prostrate when I commanded you?" (Shaitaan) said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay."

And indeed, We created the humankind from an essence of clay.

The One Who made good every thing He created, and He began (the) creation (of) man from clay.

When said your Lord to the Angels, "Indeed, I Am going to create a human being from clay.

He said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay."

That we may send down upon them stones of clay,

   ṭīnan   (1)

And when We said to the Angels, "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except Iblis. He said, "Shall I prostrate to (one) whom You created (from) clay?"

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