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ط م ع
General Root Meaning
to covet, eagerly desire, long or hope for, yearn for. tama'un - desire, hoping and longing for, causing to be full of hope.
   aṭmaʿu   (1)

And the One Who - I hope that He will forgive for me my faults (on the) Day (of) the Judgment.

   afataṭmaʿūna   (1)

Do you hope that they will believe [for] you while indeed (there) has been a party of them, (who used to) hear (the) words (of) Allah, then they distort it from after [what] they understood it, while they know?

   ayaṭmaʿu   (1)

Does long every person, among them that he enters a Garden (of) Delight?

   fayaṭmaʿa   (1)

O wives (of) the Prophet! You are not like anyone among the women. If you fear (Allah), then (do) not be soft in speech, lest should be moved with desi he who, in his heart (is) a disease, but say a word appropriate.

   naṭmaʿu   (1)

Indeed, we hope that will forgive us our Lord our sins, because we are (the) first (of) the believers."

   waṭamaʿan   (2)

He (is) the One Who shows you the lightning, a fear and a hope and brings up the clouds, the heavy.

And (do) not cause corruption in the earth after its reformation. And call Him (in) fear and hope. Indeed, (the) Mercy (of) Allah (is) near for the good-doers.

And among His Signs He shows you the lightning (causing) fear and hope, and He sends down from the sky water and gives life therewith (to) the earth after its death. Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for a people who use intellect.

Forsake their sides from (their) beds; they call their Lord (in) fear and hope, and out of what We have provided them they spend.

   wanaṭmaʿu   (1)

And what for us (that) not we believe in Allah and what came (to) us from the truth? And we hope that will admit us our Lord with the people the righteous."

   yaṭmaʿu   (1)

Then he desires that I (should) add more.

   yaṭmaʿūna   (1)

And between them (will be) a partition, and on the heights (will be) men recognizing all by their marks. And they will call out (to the) companions (of) Paradise that "Peace (be) upon you." Not they have entered it but they hope.

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