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ت ل ك
General Root Meaning
This; that
   til'ka   (5)

And what (is) that in your right hand, O Musa?"

Then not ceased [this] their cry until We made them reaped extinct.

And they said, "Never will enter the Paradise except who is (a) Jew[s] or (a) Christian[s]." That (is) their wishful thinking. Say, "Bring your proof if you are [those who are] truthful."

That the Home (of) the Hereafter We assign it to those who (do) not desire exaltedness in the earth and not corruption. And the good end (is) for the righteous.

Permitted for you (in the) nights (of) fasting (is) the approach to your wives. They (are) garments for you and you (are) garments for them. Knows Allah that you used to deceive yourselves, so He turned towards you and He forgave [on] you. So now have relations with them and seek what has ordained Allah for you. And eat and drink until becomes distinct to you the thread [the] white from the thread [the] black of [the] dawn. Then complete the fast till the night. And (do) not have relations with them while you (are) secluded in the masajid. These (are the) limits (set by) Allah, so (do) not approach them. Thus makes clear Allah His verses for [the] people so that they may (become) righteous.

The divorce (is) twice. Then to retain in a reasonable manner or to release (her) with kindness. And (it is) not lawful for you that you take (back) whatever you have given them anything, except if both fear that not they both (can) keep (the) limits (of) Allah. But if you fear that not they both (can) keep (the) limits (of) Allah then (there is) no sin on both of them in what she ransoms concerning it. These (are the) limits (of) Allah, so (do) not transgress them. And whoever transgresses (the) limits (of) Allah then those - they (are) the wrongdoers.

These (are the) Verses (of) Allah, We recite them to you in [the] truth. And indeed, you (are) surely of the Messengers.

These (are) the Messengers We (have) preferred some of them over others. Among them (were those with) whom spoke Allah, and He raised some of them (in) degrees. And We gave Isa, son (of) Maryam, the clear proofs and We supported him with Spirit [the] Holy. And if (had) willed Allah not (would have) fought each other those who (came) from after them, from after [what] came to them the clear proofs. [And] but they differed, [so] of them (are some) who believed and of them (are some) who denied. And if (had) willed Allah not they (would have) fought each [and] but Allah does what He intends.

These (are the) Verses (of) Allah. We recite them to you in truth. And not Allah wants injustice to the worlds.

These (are the) limits (of) Allah, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, He will admit him (to) Gardens flows from underneath them the rivers - (will) abide forever in it. And that (is) the success [the] great.

These (were) the cities - We relate to you of their news. And certainly came to them their Messengers with clear proofs, but not they were to believe in what they (had) denied from before. Thus put a seal Allah on (the) hearts (of) the disbelievers.

Alif Lam Ra. These (are the) verses (of) the Book the wise.

Alif Laam Ra. These (are the) Verses (of) the Book [the] clear.

Alif Laam Mim Ra. These (are) the Verses (of) the Book. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord (is) the truth, but most (of) the mankind (do) not believe.

Alif Laam Ra. These (are) the Verses (of) the Book and Quran clear.

These (are the) Verses (of) the Book clear.

Ta Seen. These (are the) Verses (of) the Quran and a Book clear

These (are the) Verses (of) the Book the clear.

These (are) Verses (of) the Book the Wise,

These (are the) Verses, (of) Allah We recite them to you in truth. Then in what statement after Allah and His Verses will they believe?

This (was) a community (which) has passed away, for it what it earned and for you what you have earned. And not you will be asked about what they used to do.

This (was) a community (which) has passed away, for it what it earned and for you what you have earned. And not you will be asked about what they used to do.

And complete the Hajj and the Umrah for Allah. And if you are held back then (offer) whatever (can be) obtained with ease of the sacrificial animal. And (do) not shave your heads until reaches the sacrificial animal (to) its destination. Then whoever is among you ill or he (has) an ailment of his head then a ransom of fasting or charity or sacrifice. Then when you are secure then whoever took advantage of the Umrah followed (by) the Hajj, then (offer) whatever (can be) obtained with ease of the sacrificial animal. But whoever (can) not find - then a fast (of) three days during the Hajj and seven (days) when you return. This (is) ten (days) in all. That (is) for (the one) whose, not is his family present (near) Al-Masjid Al-Haraam. And fear Allah and know that Allah (is) severe (in) retribution.

This (is) from the news (of) the unseen, (which) We reveal to you. Not you were knowing it, you and not your people from before this. So be patient; indeed, the end (is) for the God fearing."

The example of Paradise which (is) promised (to) the righteous, flows from underneath it the rivers. Its food (is) everlasting, and its shade. This (is the) end of those who (are) righteous, and (the) end (of) the disbelievers (is) the Fire.

This (is) Paradise, which We give (as) inheritance [of] (to) Our slaves (the one) who is righteous.

This, then, (is) a division unfair.

They say, "This then (would be) a return losing."

   til'kumu   (1)

And We will remove whatever (is) in their breasts of malice. Flows from underneath them the rivers. And they will say, "All the praise (is) for Allah, the One Who guided us to this, and not we were to receive guidance if not [that] (had) guided us Allah. Certainly, came Messengers (of) our Lord with the truth." And they will be addressed, [that] "This (is) Paradise, you have been made to inherit for what you used to do."

   til'kumā   (1)

So he made both of them fall by deception. Then when they both tasted the tree, became apparent to both of them their shame, and they began (to) fasten over themselves from (the) leaves (of) the Garden. And called them both their Lord, "Did not I forbid you both from this [the] tree and [I] say to both of you, that [the] Shaitaan (is) to both of you an enemy open?"

   fatil'ka   (2)

And how many We have destroyed of a town which exulted, (in) its means of livelihood. And these (are) their dwellings not have been inhabited from after them except a little. And indeed, [We] We (are) the inheritors.

So, these (are) their houses, ruined because they wronged. Indeed, in that surely, is a sign for a people who know.

   watil'ka   (2)

Then if he divorces her, then (she is) not lawful for him from after (that) until she marries a spouse other than him. Then if he divorces her then no sin on them if they return to each other if they believe that they (will be able to) keep (the) limits. (of) Allah. And these (are the) limits. (of) Allah. He makes them clear to a people who know.

And these [the] towns, We destroyed them when they wronged, and We made for their destruction an appointed time.

And these examples We set forth to mankind, but not will understand them except those of knowledge.

Then whoever (does) not find, then fasting (for) two months consecutively from before [that] they both touch each other. But (he) who not is able then (the) feeding (of) sixty needy one(s). That - so that you may believe in Allah and His Messenger, and these (are the) limits (of) Allah, and for the disbelievers (is) a punishment painful.

If We (had) sent down this Quran on a mountain, surely you (would) have seen i humbled, breaking asunder from (the) fear (of) Allah. And these (are) the examples, We present them to the people so that they may give thought.

O Prophet! When you divorce [the] women, then divorce them for their waiting period, and keep count (of) the waiting period, and fear Allah, your Lord. (Do) not expel them from their houses, and not they should leave except that they commit an immorality clear. And these (are the) limits (of) Allah. And whoever transgresses (the) limits (of) Allah then certainly he has wronged himself. Not you know; Perhaps Allah will bring about, after that, a matter.

If touched you a wound, so certainly (has) touched the people wound like it. And this [the] days We alternate them among the people [and] so that makes evident Allah those who believe[d] and take from you martyrs. And Allah (does) not love the wrongdoers.

And this (is) Our argument, We gave it (to) Ibrahim against his people. We raise (by) degrees whom We will. Indeed, your Lord (is) All-Wise, All-Knowing.

And this (was) Aad, they rejected (the) Signs (of) their Lord and disobeyed His Messengers and followed (the) command (of) every tyrant obstinate.

And this (is the) favor with which you reproach [on] me, that you have enslaved (the) Children (of) Israel.'"

And this (is) the Paradise which you are made to inherit for what you used to do.

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