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ت ب ب
General Root Meaning
suffer loss, diminution, become beaten/trodden/lost, become old, perished, perdition, death, weakened/impaired, to cut-off, curtail, be doomed, destruction/loss/ruin.
   tabābin   (1)

(The) ways (to) the heavens so I may look at (the) God (of) Musa; and indeed, I [I] surely think him (to be) a liar." And thus was made fair-seeming to Firaun (the) evil (of) his deed, and he was averted from the way. And not (was the) plot (of) Firaun except in ruin.

   tabbat   (1)

Perish (the) hands (of) Abu Lahab and perish he.

   tatbībin   (1)

And not We wronged them but they wronged themselves. So not availed them their gods which they invoked from other than Allah, any thing, when came (the) command (of) your Lord. And not they increased them other than ruin.

   watabba   (1)

Perish (the) hands (of) Abu Lahab and perish he.

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